This job title is pretty self-explanatory, but a lot of people don't realise how many different forms the role of a writer can take across the creative industries. You might be: a journalist writing for a newspaper, blog, magazine or digital publication; a copywriter writing for an advertising company, a consumer product company, an institution or charity organisation; a creative writer (novels, poetry, scripts, short stories), or an academic writer (scholastic journals, research papers). Your writing might also be spread across many different mediums: pen and paper, print, social media, websites, physical products. Essentially, if writing is your skill, there are a myriad of diverse jobs out there for you – what kind of work you end up doing really depends on your professional and creative interests, values and aspirations!

Please Note: The world of creative careers is broad and ever-evolving. While our descriptions aim to capture the essence of a role, we appreciate that no two jobs will be the same. We’re always looking to grow, expand and add to these roles, so if you feel we are missing something please let us know!

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