Posted 14 June 2018
Interview by Marianne Hanoun

Bringing ideas to fruition: We meet innocent’s senior copywriter, Hayley Redman

innocent drinks are known for their uniquely chatty and conversational tone of voice. Whether it’s a playful product description or pun-filled posters, their decision to ditch cold corporate terminology has helped them stand out from the crowd. This week, we visited Fruit Towers, innocent’s astroturf-lined headquarters in West London to chat to Hayley Redman, the brand's senior copywriter and self-professed ‘brand guardian’. She tells us more about her journey to the juice brand, shares some essential tips for budding copywriters, and how to go about writing copy that’s both funny and friendly.

Job Title

Senior copywriter, innocent drinks (2015–present)



Previous Employment

Senior Copywriter, Macmillan Cancer Support, London (2011–2015)
Senior Copywriter, Young & Rubicam, South Africa (2007–2011)
Client Liaison and Copywriter, Leo Burnett Group, South Africa (2007)
Proposal Writer and Co-ordinator, Synovate, South Africa (2005–2007)


Postgraduate Diploma in Copywriting, AAA School, South Africa (2008)
BA Dramatic Arts, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa (2000–2003)

Social Media

Work for innocent coconut water

Originally from South Africa, Hayley studied Dramatic Arts at university, before finding her way to the world of advertising; and after moving to London, joined Macmillan Cancer support as senior copywriter before heading to innocent in 2015.

As a senior copywriter, Hayley collaborates with an in-house team of writers and designers to create copy and concepts for a huge range of platforms – from packaging and campaigns to work for TV, print and press. “We know that a good idea can come from anywhere. That could be a really clever line that comes from a designer or a visual idea that comes from a copywriter,” she tells us.

While a knack for good punctuation and grammar certainly helps, an ability to tap into popular culture is also just as essential. For this reason, Hayley and her team take time to stay up-to-date on current affairs, which in turn contributes towards crafting clear and personable copy.

“We are keen to make sure we’re showing off our TOV because it is strong; because it is so well-known and revered.”

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innocent tote bags

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innocent tote bags

Having worked at both agencies and in-house, she sheds some light on the crucial differences between the two: “In agencies you are exposed to loads of different brands, and work across lots of different kinds of tone of voice. When you work in-house, you are a guardian of that brand; you are a gatekeeper. You’re a bigger part of building that brand.”

Looking back, Hayley shares advice on portfolios and practising your craft: “In your portfolio, people want to see how your brain works. They want to see how you got from A to B – and that should hopefully be the weirdest way possible. They want to see strange, unconventional ideas that you can link back to some sort of human truth. And a killer line on the end of that doesn’t hurt.”

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Work for innocent – "Drink your greens"

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Work for innocent – "Drink your greens"

Interview by Marianne Hanoun
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