Posted 08 August 2022

Want to get into illustration? Apply for our next portfolio review

On Thursday 25th August we’ll be hosting our next portfolio review, all about starting out in the world of illustration. If you’re a UK-based creative within the first year of your career, this is a great opportunity to meet experts and get feedback from them.

Thinking about getting into illustration? Our next portfolio review is all about it!

From experienced creative producers to artist’s agents and successful illustrators, our reviewers will be ready to look over your portfolios and give you some valuable and rewarding feedback that’ll help you in your search for commissions.

Whether you’re a student, have just graduated or are simply in the first year of your career, this is a chance to get some timely advice from industry professionals and connect with fellow emerging creatives.

How will it work?

The session will take place over Zoom on Thursday 25th August, from 5pm to 8pm BST. There are only a limited number of places available, so make sure you sign up to register your interest.

The event itself is fast-paced: In breakout rooms of three emerging creatives and one reviewer, you will get the opportunity to show and discuss work, and get advice and feedback. This will then rotate, so you get to meet several reviewers throughout the evening.

Please also note that the session is open to those looking to work in illustration, with no more than one year of experience. You will be required to have something to show (e.g. one to two projects or pieces of work that capture what you do) – but don’t worry if this isn’t a polished portfolio.

Who will be there?

Jen Bailey, artist agent and creative producer, Pocko
Jen spent six years in Berlin working across graphic design and creative production for the music, tech and fashion industries before landing her current role at London-based artist agency Pocko. She’s also a creative workshop facilitator specialising in collage workshops that help individuals build creative confidence.

See more from Jen here.

Nick Collin, managing agent and creative producer, Pocko
Nick specialised in aesthetics and labor theory at Cambridge University, and has had a varied career in the creative industries. A freelance arts writer since 2018, he’s worked in copywriting for publishing houses including Bloomsbury and Bonhill Plcs, and has produced music videos and visual content for London-based artists including LVRA.

Read more about Pocko here.

Randy Amoakohene, UX/UI designer, JKR
With a degree in illustration and graphics from Coventry University, Randy has worked at Apple and for a commercial printer, and is now a UX/UI designer at London-based creative agency JKR. He’s been commissioned by Peabody, Huffington Post and Ben’s Original, and now works in the hybrid, 3D space, having built significant expertise in illustration.

See more from Randy here and read more about JKR here.

Andy Norman, brand designer, Notepad
Andy worked at several Midlands-based creative agencies including McCann Central, TeamITG before joining Notepad. He’s attracted to graphic design’s ability to incorporate different creative practices, including illustration, typography, printmaking, animation and 3D design. His interest in illustration is regularly incorporated into his work at Notepad.

Read more about Notepad here.

Pedro Messias, creative director, OMSE
A creative director with a background in motion design and animation, Pedro helps create gutsy brands that touch people deeply and make a difference. He spent over a decade working in New York, San Francisco and London in agencies such as Collins, Mother Design and Wolff Olins, creating brands from culture to tech, business to lifestyle, and everything in between.

Read more about OMSE here.

Shin Hye Lee, senior art director, Koto
Shin Hye is a senior art director at Koto, specialising in illustration and photography, and was previously a designer. A Central Saint Martin’s graphic design alumni, her previous experience has involved freelance multidisciplinary work spanning photography, design and illustration at esteemed British fashion design brand Paul Smith and multimedia brand NYLON.

See more from Shin Hye here and read more about Koto here.

Raya Alkhayal, illustration agent, JSR Agency
At JSR, Raya forms relationships with illustrators whilst overseeing their creations. With a BA in illustration animation, she’s volunteered at the House of Illustration, assisting with exhibitions and workshops, and was workshop facilitator for children’s magazine OKIDO – experiences that have equipped her with broad industry knowledge and what to look for in a strong portfolio.

Read more about JSR here.

Erin Aniker, illustrator, freelance
Erin’s people-driven illustrations are influenced by her dual Turkish and British heritage and the east London community she grew up with. She’s worked with Apple, the Barbican, V&A and Nike. Erin is inspired by the feminist posters of See Red Women’s Workshop, Bridget Riley, the geometry of Islamic patterns and abstract artists such as Fahrelnissa Zeid.

See more from Erin here.

Doaly, graphic designer and digital illustrator, freelance
A Birmingham-based graphic designer and digital illustrator, Doaly has a passion for storytelling and a conceptual approach to illustration. His clients include the BBC, Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Warner Bros, Sony Pictures and Wired. Recently, his skills have migrated to comic book covers, creating work for Marvel Comics, DC Comics and independents.

See more from Doaly here.

Eilidh Reid, creative, Animade
Eilidh graduated from DJCAD in Dundee, where she combined illustration and animation with graphic design for her final show. This landed her a role as designer at Alphabetical Studio in London, where she worked while also running a freelance animation and illustration practice. At Animade, Eilidh has been combining design, illustration and animation in her day-to-day work.

See more from Eilidh here.

How to apply

This session is open to students, grads, or those within the first year of a creative career. You are only eligible to register if you are:

• Not in full-time creative work
• Within the first year of your career
• Based in the UK
• Aged 18 and over

Please note that you will be required to submit an example of your work in your application. Register your interest by 11:59pm on 15th August via the link below.

Please note

Written by Creative Lives in Progress