Posted 13 September 2023
Written by Lyla Maeve

Nine TikTok accounts to follow for photography tips

Having spent the past few years shaping so much culture across the board, it’s no secret that TikTok is also having an influence on the photography world. Using digestible bite-sized clips of advice, knowledge and inspiration, there are plenty of TikTok users turning to the platform to give advice and inspiration to emerging and fellow photographers. Below is our selection of insightful photography-focused TikTok accounts, where you can find everything from photography hacks, BTS, creative inspiration and industry advice.

Marina Williams

Good for: Photography hacks, tips and industry advice

Having worked as a photographer for over a decade, Marina is your go-to girl for everything to help make your photos pop, both on TikTok and through her courses. Highlights include giving us tips to get more variety out of your shoots, camera settings for golden-hour shoots and how to book paid shoots.

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Emily Williams

Good for: Tutorials and portrait photography tricks

As well as bringing a plethora of behind-the-scenes content, Emily shares tips and tricks on her TikTok profile. Beginners can find out the basics of ISOs and shutter speeds, while those already handy with a camera can learn from her some wonderful portrait photography techniques.

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Oliver Howells

@oliver_howells TAG SOMEONE who should try this 👇🏻 📸 4 Creative Product Photography Ideas 💡 Let me know your favourite! #productphotography #creativephotography #photographyideas #photomagic ♬ Cola (Sped Up Version) - sped up nightcore

Good for: Inspiration and product photography tips

Oliver’s product photography ideas are top notch. He’s made rainbow backgrounds in-camera, turned his hand into a zombie’s and used sand to advertise perfume to his advantage – twice! A must-follow for anyone interested in product photography.

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Luke Finn

Good for: Advice on photography equipment and techniques

According to his bio, Luke Finn is a “photographer chatting shit about photography”. With varied knowledge to offer, Luke has shared his advice and techniques on photography at night, lenses for beginners, iPhone-ography and more. Lightroom users can also find out a ton of industry secrets!

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Amanda Kuo

Good for: Cinematic photography inspiration and BTS

Heavily inspired by Wong Kar-Wai films and also taking inspiration from Ghibli movies and Taylor Swift songs, Amanda has recreated photos from Pinterest and made a late-night cinema trip look breathtaking. Be sure to check out her film and digital comparisons, as well.

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Alexsey Reyes

@alexsey Trial and error From a photo I took in New York #arttok #photographer #embroidery #photoshoot ♬ original sound - Andrew Foy

Good for: Photography inspiration and BTS

Alexsey is by far one of the most creative photographers on TikTok, having attracted fans in the shape of celebritiess like Omar Apollo and SZA. He’s taken viewers behind the scenes of both concert and portrait photography, making gorgeous visuals with both. Look out for his analog editing photos, where he sews and even burns his creations.

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Dani V

Good for: Photography inspiration

On Dani’s website, she promises to “bring your visions to life” – and she has wonderful visions of her own as well! She’s taken photos at some of Ohio’s biggest landmarks, knows how to make a perfect beauty shot and has even shot pictures of her friend playing Super Smash Bros in the woods. If you want a sea of versatile ideas, this is the channel for you.

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Olivia Bossert

Good for: Industry advice and photography tips

A photographer, teacher and podcaster, Olivia has some of the best tips around for fashion and portrait photographers. Famously a fan of shot lists, she’s also told tips on how to stop feeling overwhelmed on sets, pitching and how to create the strongest portfolio. As well, if you want to find an affordable and gorgeous photo studio in London, she has a video for that!

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This list is non-exhaustive – so please get in touch at [email protected] if you know of any other good photography TikTokers!

Written by Lyla Maeve