Posted 26 October 2017

In conversation with Aardman’s senior designer and side-project advocate Gavin Strange

This week we hear from Gavin Strange, who we spoke to at the recent Something Good festival in Bristol. Working as both a senior designer at iconic animation studio Aardman and the director of his own studio Jam Factory, he talks about finding his calling and putting productivity before perfectionism.

Gavin Strange

Job Title

Senior Designer at Aardman (2008–present)
Designer and Director of Jam Factory (2004–present)



Previous Employment

Web designer, Christon Davies Advertising (2000–2004)


BTEC in Graphic Design, Leicester College (1998–2000)

Social Media


Gavin joined the team at the iconic Bristol-based animation studio Aardman in 2008, where he currently works for the interactive arm of the company, covering app and game design. But his work doesn’t end there: by early morning and evening he produces self-initiated projects under the alias Jam Factory, spanning photography, film, illustration, toy and character design.

Gavin admits that he knew little about the world of creative work growing up, assuming he could never make a living from artistic pursuits. After studying for a BTEC in graphic design, he went straight into work, finding his feet as a web designer for an agency in his hometown of Leicester. He tells us why he chose to bypass university, and how his career has unfolded so far.

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Aardman online

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