Posted 29 May 2019
Interview by Rebecca Irvin

Leah Chandler discusses working life as a creative within Sky Creative Agency

Leah Chander landed her position as a creative within Sky Creative Agency when she was asked to stay after her internship with the company. Now, she works across Sky’s various entertainment channels to edit and produce on-air promotions. She talks to us here about the essential skills for her role, from generating ideas to editing.

Leah at work

How would you describe your role at Sky?
I work across Sky’s entertainment channels, editing and producing on-air promotions. This involves pitching, idea generation, editing on Premier Pro, communicating ideas with sound design and GFX, script writing and brainstorming – the list goes on! But one of my favourite projects to work on most recently would be rebrand for Sky Witness.

What skills and tools are essential to your role?
Editing and idea generating. Premier Pro is the software we use to edit.

“It’s a campus that really accommodates you [and] makes your work-life balance easier.”

Inside Sky Creative Agency
The Sky campus

How collaborative is your role?
We collaborate with each other during brainstorming sessions; we can also pitch in ideas together and collaborate with the teams around us to ensure our final promo looks and sounds its best.

How did you land the job at Sky?
I was offered a job after doing an internship with Sky Creative Agency.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Sky?
The campus really accommodates you – it has everything there to make your work-life balance easier.

Inside Sky Creative Agency
Inside the Sky campus

Where are you from originally and what did you want to be growing up?
I’m originally from London and didn’t go to university, but growing up I wanted to get into print or photography, and these skills have also been helpful as a promo producer!

What advice would you give to an emerging creative wanting to do the same kind of work?
Be inspired by everything around you. You can find ideas in the least expected things and experiences.


This interview is part of a studio feature on Sky Creative Agency, a Lecture in Progress partner.

Interview by Rebecca Irvin
Photography by Eric Aydin-Barberini
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