Posted 01 December 2017

We talk building career confidence and keeping your cool with art director David McKendrick

Our podcast guest this week is art director and co-founder of creative studio B.A.M., David McKendrick. As part of a conversation recorded on November 9th, in front of a live audience at G. F Smith’s Show Space, he shared tales of high-profile photoshoots with stars like Keith Richards, as he reflected on his career in design and editorial so far.

David McKendrick

Job Title

Art Director and Partner at B.A.M. (August 2014–present)

Selected Clients

Christie’s, The White Cube, The Times of London, Esquire, Dunhill, Sang Bleu

Previous Employment

Creative Director, Esquire Magazine (2007–2014)
Art Editor, Wallpaper* (2006–2007)
Senior Designer, North (2004–2006)
Designer, Graphic Thought Facility (2000–2004)


BA Visual Communication, Glasgow School of Art (1996–2000)

Social Media


David founded B.A.M., a London-based creative agency, with business partner and fellow art director Lee Belcher in 2014. Before that, he served as the creative director at British Esquire, where he won multiple awards for the magazine’s relaunch.

After graduating from the Glasgow School of Art in 2000, David began his career at Graphic Thought Facility, before going on to work as a senior designer at North studio, then as art editor of the Bespoke department at Wallpaper* magazine.

Throughout that time he has regularly collaborated with the world’s finest photographers, designers and filmmakers, enabling brands to gain recognition for cutting-edge, bold design. He tells us about the reality of orchestrating photoshoots as a beginner, thinking on his feet and how to keep your cool in the company of big-name artists and celebrities – from Martin Parr to David Beckham and Cameron Diaz.

Work for Christie’s magazine
Work for Christie’s magazine
Work for Esquire
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David’s work for Esquire

ESQ Robertpattinson autocompressfitresizeixlibphp 1 1 0max h2000max w3 D2000q80s20ac5001cabd6b24174ee30a15ac8bbf

David’s work for Esquire

ESQ alexturner autocompressfitresizeixlibphp 1 1 0max h2000max w3 D2000q80sb5dc5eec1483baf05dcc4897d66a10a5

David’s work for Esquire

ESQ Keithrichards autocompressfitresizeixlibphp 1 1 0max h2000max w3 D2000q80s4b259d7016a6cedc807bb949e5098d2a

David’s work for Esquire

This podcast was recorded as part of the very first Creative Lives Live event on November 9th.

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