Posted 17 May 2018
Interview by Marianne Hanoun

How British Vogue’s picture editor Cai Lunn went from graphic design to photography

Our guest on the podcast this week is Cai Lunn, British Vogue's picture editor. Here, she talks us through a recent nightclub shoot for Versace, getting five supermodels ready in under two hours, and how a blend of passion and persistence helped her climb the career ladder to become Vogue’s picture editor just five years after graduating.

Cai Lunn

Job Title

Picture editor, British Vogue (January 2018–present)




BA Graphic Design, Central Saint Martins (2009–2013)

Previous Roles

Associate picture editor, British Vogue (2016–2017)
Picture editor, GQ Magazine (2013–2016)
Assistant picture editor, GQ Magazine
Brand specialist, Kurt Geiger (2010–2013)
Archive assistant, Conde Nast (2012)

Social Media

From a young age, Cai Lunn knew she wanted to work in fashion and publishing. Graduating from Central Saint Martins in 2013 with a BA in graphic design, Cai attributes the course’s broad curriculum with giving her the skills needed to eventually land her current role as the picture editor for British Vogue.

Starting out with an internship as an archive assistant at Conde Nast, positions at Kurt Geiger and GQ Magazine followed, and at 22 years old, Cai found herself producing her first cover shoot. Today, she can work on up to 10 different shoots a time, with tasks ranging from researching stylists and sourcing props to scouting locations around the world.

“There’s scope for anyone that’s interested in photography to be a picture editor.”

Responsible for commissioning photographers and organising shoots, at the root of Cai’s role at Vogue is an intuitive ability to pair photographers with the right projects. Helping to create arresting images and tell engaging stories in both print and online, Cai will liaise with everyone from make-up artists and agents to stylists and writers.

Here, she tells us about what it’s like to work for such an iconic magazine, and shares her advice to those thinking of pursuing a similar path.

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Versace X Vogue; photography by Sean Thomas

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Versace X Vogue; photography by Sean Thomas

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Versace X Vogue; photography by Sean Thomas

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