Posted 02 September 2021
Written by Lyla Johnston

10 must-watch YouTube channels for emerging photographers

Ever since the platform’s inception 16 years ago, YouTube has made learning new skills accessible to the masses. The photography world is no exception, with many budding photographers looking to the platform to learn about everything from lighting techniques to pricing. So, whether you’re looking for the right gear to buy, want to try 35mm photography or learn about the art of capturing pictures itself, we’re highlighting 10 YouTube channels that are worth a watch for budding shooters.

Sophia Carey

As recommended by photographer, Shenell Kennedy, Sophia Carey’s YouTube channel showcases all things fashion, portrait and street photography. Mainly a film photographer but also an occasional shooter of Sony digital cameras, she gives pointers on everything from how to choose props for product photography (above) and how to invoice, to discussing whether to register as a sole trader or limited company.

Watch all of Sophia’s videos here.

Willem Verbeeck

Also recommended by Shenell is photographer Willem Verbeeck – another channel that film photographers will find insightful. Having recently moved from New York to Los Angeles, his 307,000 subscribers watch him do things like turn his kitchen into a darkroom (above) and review a variety of 35mm films, ranging from the expensive to the weird. He’s even shot American rapper, Young M.A!

Watch all of Willem’s videos here.

Sean Tucker

A street and portrait photographer, Sean Tucker’s channel mostly focuses on sharing tutorials and advice. Essential videos for photographers include knowing the ethics and laws of street photography, why imitating other photographers is important and why your best photos are closer than you think. Those wanting to learn more about retouching can also watch his tutorials on recolouring your images and mastering contrast using Photoshop.

Watch all of Sean‘s videos here.


Detroit-based Vuhlandes has built a reputation for being authentic and unapologetic about what he does. As well as teaching his 183,000 subscribers how to edit in Lightroom and reviewing an array of cameras and 35mm film, he’s spoken about why social media shouldn’t dictate your art and why he voluntarily works for free.

Watch all of Vuhlandes’ videos here.

Matt Day

Leica-endorsed photographer Matt Day has been uploading his videos to YouTube since 2014. He’s given both general advice on imposter syndrome (above), vulnerability, changing photographic styles and being consistent, as well as specialist advice on film photography and lighting. On top of that, Matt has also reviewed an array of inspiring photobooks.

Watch all of Matt’s videos here.

Sweet Lou Photography

How do you make photography fun? By watching Sweet Lou’s videos! His reviews of 35mm gear might leave digital photographers considering whether to hold onto their SD cards. He’s also one to do the unexpected – even a video on red scale film can segue into snippets from animated sitcom, King of the Hill.

Watch all of Sweet Lou‘s videos here.

Madison Beach

With a portfolio of work that includes The Face and Huck, Madison Beachs channel is mostly centered on her experiences of shooting film. With an eco-friendly message, Madison has spoken about the four ways that film photography affects the environment and shared suggestions for sustainable photography products. She’s also a keen reviewer of film stocks, has talked about her favourite photography documentaries and photobooks and discussed her experiences of overcoming creative burnout (above).

Watch all of Madison‘s videos here.

Mike Gray

Mike Gray has amassed over 18,000 subscribers on YouTube, which is no mean feat considering he has only spent just over a year as a photographer. Recently dipping his toes into the world of NFTs, his guide (above) about minting them as a photographer is essential viewing for those who want to delve into evolving technology as a creative. He’s also taken his craft to a Hollywood movie set, dusty sand dunes, and even a segregation-era diner.

Watch all of Mike’s videos here.

Jessica Kobeissi

With over a million subscribers, Jessica is one of the biggest photographers on YouTube right now. She has shared some insightful advice on how to plan a photoshoot from start to finish, pricing your photography and general do’s and don’ts for beginners. However, her most popular videos on the platform are her critiques of the often dangerous photoshoots seen on reality television series, Americas Next Top Model.

Watch all of Jessicas videos here.

Jamie Windsor

Jamie Windsor creates some of the most interesting video essays around, including a discussion on whether to separate problematic artists from their art, how to beat creative block and why portraits lie to you. As well, he has offered his 400,000 subscribers tutorials, presets and hacks for the entire Adobe Creative Suite, including hidden tricks for Lightroom and Photoshop.

Watch all of Jamie‘s videos here.

Written by Lyla Johnston