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G . F Smith

G . F Smith is a world-renowned fine paper company, supported by a team who are “obsessed with the simple beauty and limitless possibilities of paper”.

In a world of transient communication and fleeting digital memories, they believe that paper is reasserting its importance in everyday life – offering texture, feeling and weight to a range of creative projects.





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Design, Print, Packaging, Greetings, Art Papers

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Sales, Production, Customer Services, Marketing

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G . F Smith studio shoot

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G . F Smith new collection

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G . F Smith papers on display

Inside the Company

G . F Smith believes that paper remains an important and valuable material for the twenty-first century; as relevant today as it was when the company was founded in 1885. The team consider themselves custodians of a remarkable legacy, with 130 years’ experience in making and curating some of the finest, most distinctive and innovative papers available.

The company works in partnership with brands, creatives, designers and specialists to provide specialist materials. As a thriving independent British company, it values its team as the fabric of the business, having built a workforce of passionate and loyal paper experts.

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Inside the workspace at G . F Smith

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Mission and Values

As one of the oldest known materials, paper continues to be a symbol of innovation and technological progression for G . F Smith. The company partners with creative and luxury brands to provide inspiring and innovative solutions, as well as curating its own fine paper collections.

With increasing pressure to find new solutions to replace fossil-based materials, the company sees paper as a profoundly important and valuable material — more relevant for today’s needs than ever before.

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GF Smith workspace creative lives in progress 03

Culture and Benefits

G . F Smith’s ethos is underpinned by values of loyalty, trust, hard work, desire to learn and to pass on skills and experience. A solid business model, coupled with the ability and determination to work through significant challenges, has created sustained employment for generations of families in the tradition of the company’s founder.

People are, and will always remain, the fabric of G . F Smith. Apprentices have joined and never left; others with specialist skills have been sought out and brought in. The knowledge held by G . F Smith’s team allows the company to offer a range of highly specialist services. Each member of staff already does what they do exceptionally well, but they are always striving to improve their knowledge and efficiency in preparation for the challenges of tomorrow.

Inside G . F Smith

Entry-Level Opportunities

G . F Smith has supported generations of creatives since 1885. From delivering lectures about paper to sponsorship schemes, as well as offering samples and services, it aims to support and further the education of new talent, students and graduates entering the creative industries.