Vision Mixer

Behind the scenes of live television, directors, producers and technicians are tirelessly working to perfect the visuals, sound and flow of live shows. Tucked away in the production gallery or production truck (if recording outdoors), is the vision mixer, who live edits television programmes as they are transmitted or recorded, taking cues from the director. Similar to a sound mixer, a vision mixer works with a mixing desk, outfitted with an expansive array of knobs and buttons, used for switching camera sources, compositing video and creating special effects like wipes and frame manipulations. These techniques are widely used for news, sports broadcasts and also for entertainment, when studio shows are pre-recorded with multiple cameras. Vision mixing is a high-adrenaline job that comes with a lot of responsibility, and along with it, long hours. The director relies on the vision mixer to get the timing and edit right and stay focused at all times. Keeping calm under pressure, being able to react quickly and maintain stamina are key assets in a role that can play a part in the broadcast of historic events.

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