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First Hand

You’re Doing Great: The DIY career support group that anyone can run

Written by Anna Goss
Creative Lives
Emily Maguire’s unlikely route into becoming a freelance information and data visualisation designer
Creative Lives
“Working on things that matter was more important to me than my job title”: Lead user researcher at GDS, Will Myddelton
In the Studio With
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Meet the team designing for the entire UK population, at Government Digital Service
Creative Lives

Stephen McCarthy, design lead at GDS, on why his first job rejection was a blessing in disguise

Interview by Indi Davies and
Creative Lives
On leaving your mark and making a job your own with Alexandra Kelly, head of creative production at GDS
Creative Lives
We chat patterns, prototypes and recent projects with GDS designer, Harry Trimble
Creative Lives
Alice Bartlett, senior developer at the Financial Times, talks seizing riskier career opportunities and communicating ideas
Creative Lives
Talking shop: Anna Goss fills us in on her role as product lead of the Co-op’s digital division

GDS head of design Mark Hurrell’s guide to portfolios, job interviews and starting out

Written by Mark Hurrell