Posted 23 February 2023

A resource list for ways to support the people of Turkey and Syria

Along with our sister company It’s Nice That, we’re sharing a list of useful resources to help the people of Turkey and Syria, including charities to donate to, fundraisers and advice on identifying misinformation.

The two earthquakes that struck southern and central Turkey and northern and western Syria in quick succession earlier this month have left tens of thousands dead and millions more displaced. Described by humanitarian organisations as the worst natural disaster in the region for a century, survivors are now facing freezing conditions and are in urgent need.

Together with our sister company It’s Nice That, we’ve collated a growing list of ways to support the people of Turkey and Syria – from resources that share advice on where and how to donate, and how to identify misinformation about the devastating disaster, to a number of fundraisers, active sales and events.

The aftermath of the earthquakes will likely take years from which to recover, so while it can feel difficult to know how best to help, it’s imperative we continue to share information and resources to ensure ongoing support is available to those affected. This list will grow as we come across more initiatives, so if you have any additional recommendations, please let us know at [email protected].

Collected resources and information has published a guide on what you can do to help, offering advice on safely donating to charities providing humanitarian relief in Turkey and Syria

Full Fact have a toolkit explaining how to spot and stop false social media posts about current world events

Full Fact have also outlined the steps you can take to spot false social media posts exploiting disasters for views

NPR has outlined ways to make sure your donation will do the most good for earthquake survivors

Womena has shared a useful list of resources

The Slacktivists has outlined some ways you can help on their Instagram channel

Breaking Barriers UK has put together a list of services and organisations people can turn to for help

Charities, donations and collection points

The Disasters Emergency Committee is collecting donations for their appeal, which will allow their charities and local partners to scale up their response and reach more people

Unicef has launched the Turkey and Syria Earthquake fund, working with partners to identify unaccompanied children and reunite them with family

Choose Love has set up an emergency campaign to provide urgent rescue of people trapped beneath rubble and provide emergency medical care, food and shelter

Akut Search and Rescue Association is collecting donations to help raise money for search and rescue in Turkey

Save the Children has opened their Children’s Emergency Fund to distribute tents and winter kits, as well as provide fuel to makeshift health centres

Where to donate

Kerning Cultures has compiled a list of organisations coordinating relief efforts which you can donate to

The White Helmets, a volunteer organisation operating in parts of opposition-controlled Syria and in Turkey, are seeking donations for their earthquake relief efforts

Azeema has compiled a list of places to donate to on their Instagram page

KLAB has compiled a donation sheet listing bank accounts of various on-the-ground search and rescue organisations

Yyyaaasssmeen has shared a list of donation points on their Instagram Stories Highlights

Refugee Week has compiled a spreadsheet of resources sharing the organisations delivering ongoing emergency support

Laylit has set up a spreadsheet listing places to send donations

Syria Earthquake Emergency Response has published a spreadsheet on where to donate, including directly to affected families

Muslims of the World has shared the Launch Good campaign to support Mercy-USA with their relief efforts in southern Turkey and northern Syria.

Ahbap is collecting donations for their on-the-ground earthquake relief efforts


LGBTQIA+ Earthquake Solidarity has launched a queer relief fund for LGBTQIA+ and sex worker survivors of the disaster

Global house music collective Eastenderz has put out a fundraising compilation available on Bandcamp, with 100 per cent of the release’s proceeds to be donated directly to Ahbap

Refugee charity Choose Love has organised a fundraiser, with all proceeds to be donated to partner organisations on the ground. All donations will be doubled up to the value of $50,000

Choose Love are also selling a T-shirt designed by artist Charlie Mackesy, with a minimum of £15 from the sale of each T-shirt going to partner organisations’ earthquake relief efforts


Middle Eastern and Arab Artist Collective 0602 Project are organising a print sale of art donated by artists, with 100 per cent of the profits to be split across NGOs Basmeh & Zeitooneh, Molham Team, Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) and Syrian Child Protection Network (Hurras)

Suez Studio is donating all profits from their Keffiyeh Bucket Hats to Save The Children Emergency Relief Fund for the next few weeks

Amp Art Store has organised a print sale, running until 9 April, with prints available for a donation of £80 each. 80 per cent of proceeds will be donated directly to Unicef’s Turkey and Syria Earthquakes Appeal, with the remaining 20 per cent used for printing and shipping

Arts platform Open Space are organising an art auction which will continue until it hits £15,000, proceeds from which will be split between British Red Cross, Ahbap, Akut and Charities Aid Foundation

Embroidery and print service providers The Embroidery Barn has produced a limited run of T-shirts, with all proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee

Holloway Model Bakery is organising an earthquake relief bake sale, with all proceeds to be shared between Choose Love, Ahbap and Medico International (Sunday 26 February, Finsbury Park, north London)

Art gifting platform Ginger Zebra is selling a custom-made print by artist Naomi Handy, and have pledged 50 per cent of every sale to Choose Love’s Turkey and Syria Earthquake Appeal

Artist Babes and Botanicals is selling a custom print, with all profits to be donated to Choose Love.

Illustrator Erin Aniker is fundraising through her online store – with a target of at least £1000 – with all proceeds from the store going to Ahbap.

Vintage clothing resellers Nova Vintage are donating £1 to Choose Love for every order placed on their Cocoa Collection line.


Harem of No One & friends, a queer collective of Turkish, Kurdish and Middle-Eastern heritage performers, is organising a fundraiser night in support of queer earthquake victims. All proceeds will be donated to LGBTQIA+ Earthquake Solidarity (Friday 3 March, Bethnal Green, east London)

Central London venue Iklectik will be hosting two earthquake relief fundraiser nights in March, with the entirety of the revenue from ticket sales and donations distributed to Ahbap and LGBTQIA+ Earthquake Solidarity. The first event takes place at Iklectik on Thursday 9 March, with the second on Friday 24 March to be held at Peckham Audio.

Art collective Baesianz will be hosting a fundraiser with south London vinyl listening bar Jumbi on Wednesday 22 March, involving a raffle and performances amplifying Turkish, Syrian and Kurdish artists. Alongside all raffle ticket sales and donations, 20% of all proceeds from the evening will be split amongst the Ahbap, Heyva Sor and White Helmets charities.

Ways to assist directly

Translators Without Borders is providing translation and communication assistance to NGOs, community groups and individuals supporting earthquake relief efforts

Translators Without Borders are also looking for volunteer translators

Arts platform Open Space are also seeking donations of art they can sell to raise funds for their chosen charities British Red Cross, Ahbap, Akut and Charities Aid Foundation

Petitions to sign

Support for those fleeing

Airbnb will offer free temporary housing to people displaced by the recent earthquakes in Türkiye and Syria, and first responders assisting with search and rescue, as well as ongoing relief and recovery efforts. You can donate here

Free Turkish-language online therapy is being provided to those affected by the earthquakes by volunteer psychologists on Online Psikolog, together with Ahbap

Written by Creative Lives in Progress