Posted 03 November 2023

Resources for helping the people of Palestine

From protests and events to fundraisers and petitions, this list of resources shares ways to support the people of Palestine that we’ve collated from our team and wider community

In the past few weeks, utterly devastating events have unfolded between Palestine and Israel. The world has seen the horrific suffering of innocent people, with Israelis mourning the tragic loss of 1,400 civilians and the capturing of 200 hostages at the hands of Hamas. In the time since then, the Israeli government has subjected Palestine to constant and harrowing attacks, resulting in the claiming of nearly 9,000 civilians at the time of writing.

Gaza’s two million inhabitants have been forced to live in a constant state of fear, trauma and loss. Subject to unrelenting carpet bombing and surrounded by destruction of an unimaginable scale, they have no electricity, little water and rapidly decreasing medical supplies. The injustices they have suffered are cruel and dehumanising, extending well beyond the physical realm into a staggering emotional and psychological toll.

We want to be clear that we stand with the people of Palestine, who are in urgent need of help and support. We also want to be clear in our belief that Jewish safety and Palestinian freedom are not opposing causes. Standing with the people of Palestine should not equate to the endorsement or validation of violence towards the Jewish and Israeli community – acts which we wholeheartedly condemn.

From calling for a ceasefire and donating to humanitarian aid organisations to providing essential relief or sharing on social media, there are many ways we can provide support. No matter where you might be, even small actions can make a difference.

We acknowledge that the situation is evolving and this list is by no means exhaustive. We will continue to make additions as we discover them, and we welcome any feedback or suggestions that can further improve it. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected] with any thoughts or recommendations.


Samidoun, the Palestinian Prisoner Solidarity Network, is an international network of organisers and activists working to build solidarity with Palestinian prisoners in their struggle for freedom. They have put together this calendar of events collating events and actions around the world.

Apart from marches and demonstrations, there are other accessible forms of protests too. Instagram account Crip the Gig has produced a guide to protesting for disabled activists that includes amplifying Palestinian voices on social media as well as educating yourself and others

United Kingdom
The Palestine Solidarity Campaign works for freedom, justice and equality for Palestinians. On Saturday 4 November, there are opportunities across the UK to join an action in your local area to call for a ceasefire

Feminist group Sisters Uncut is organising a Free Palestine Coalition Day of Action on Saturday 4th November, starting from BBC Broadcasting House at 11am and merging with the Palestine Solidarity Campaign Rally at 2.30pm

A national march on Washington is happening at Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. on Saturday 4 November at 2pm, supported by 188 endorsing organisations and counting

Palestinian-led community organisation, Within Our Lifetime have collated a series of protests and rallies happening in New York City here. They also have a rally toolkit available on their website to “assist your organisation in the logistical and political elements of organising a demonstration to defend the Palestinian people.”

Protest posters
For protest posters, the Free Palestine Project is an archive of free posters submitted by designers from all over the world. Do note that you are free to download and print these posters for personal use only; you are not allowed to profit off them in any way as the posters and what they represent are not for sale

The group behind Flyers for Falastin has also collaborated with artists around the world to create powerful illustrations that encourage support for Palestine. The posters can be found at pick-up points and are available to be used and shared for free

Petitions to sign

Accounts to follow

A lack of press on the ground, insufficient coverage from mainstream news outlets, and shadowbanning by social media platforms has resulted in Palestinian voices being heavily obscured. Following and engaging with journalists and activists in Gaza can be a powerful way of raising awareness about the realities of the conflict and sharing ways to get involved.

Here are some Palestinian reporters that have been sharing critical news and updates:

  • Motaz Azaiza is a photojournalist from Gaza who works for the UN Relief and Works Agency and has been depicting the ongoing conflict

  • Bisan Owda, a filmmaker in Gaza, documents the ground reality of civilian life and the deprivation arising from the shortage of essential supplies

  • Eid Yara, a Palestinian war journalist and human rights advocate, has been reporting about the war and challenging how it has been framed in mainstream media

  • Plestia Alaqad is a journalist who has been capturing the destruction that has resulted from the bombardment on Gaza

Here are some social media accounts that have been sharing regular insights and information:

  • Subhi is a social media strategist for The Palestine Academy who creates explainer videos that educate and mobilise people about the issue

  • Ahmed Eldin is an American-Kuwaiti journalist who shares stories and statistics about the immense hardships that civilians in Gaza are facing

  • Jewish Voice for Peace is an anti-Zionist organisation that has been sharing the latest news, events, and ways to take action

  • Eye on Palestine shares daily news, images, and videos from Gaza about the situation on the ground

  • Mona Chalabi is a writer and illustrator sharing insightful statistics through powerful visuals that humanise and contextualise the issue

Social media platforms have been accused of censoring content about the conflict and demoting it in the algorithm. Human Rights Watch is documenting such experiences of shadow banning, and you can report an experience of it by writing to [email protected]. All information will be anonymised and will not be published or shared without consent.

Platforms to check for misinformation

It has become increasingly difficult to discern truth from falsehood amidst a flood of information on social media. The spread of doctored documents, altered images, and fake news has escalated tensions with real and significant consequences; most recently, AI-generated deepfakes have been sowing further division. Here are some platforms to check for misinformation and brush up on your media literacy skills:

  • Associated Press has discredited false claims and images taken out of context by detailing the facts about the situation

  • Reuters has debunked some of the most popular claims that have been widely shared in English, Hebrew, and Arabic

  • Human Rights Watch has outlined a methodology for verifying crisis content and determining the validity of visual material

  • The Wire has done an explainer about how to deal with visual misinformation and decrease your exposure to misinformation

Write to your MP

Local action can have a global impact. By writing to your MP, you can express your concerns on the humanitarian crisis in Palestine and urge them to call on the government to protect civilians in Gaza.

Everyday Racism, an organisation run by anti-racism activists Naomi and Natalie Evans, has shared a letter template that includes a source for finding your local MP in the UK.

WriteToThem is a website that enables UK citizens to contact their local elected representatives easily through their online platform.

Medical Aid for Palestinians has produced an email template that can be sent to your local MP, which asks for UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly to take action and protect Palestinians.

Send eSIMS to Gaza

As a result of the bombardment by Israeli bombers, Gaza has been vulnerable to communications breakdowns and blackouts, cutting civilians off from each other and the rest of the world. In light of this, technology has proved essential in keeping Palestinians connected. has information on how to help people in Gaza stay connected. You can also see information on their Instagram here.

Feminist NGO Speak Up and writer Mirna El Helbawi are also working together to accept donations of eSIM cards (which enables users to activate cellular data plans online) and distribute them to people in Gaza.

Collated resources and information

Educational resources
The Palestine Academy is an education hub that provides a free Palestine 101 course along with a list of books and films on their Resources page

Decolonize Palestine is a “collection of resources for organisers and anyone who wants to learn more about Palestine”

Palestinian Feminist Collective – a body of Palestinian and Arab feminists – has launched a Palestine Digital Action Toolkit of over 1,500 resources for learning, teaching, and taking action

Illustrator Ameerah Bad’r has curated 100 revolutionary posters created over the past 50 years in support of a free Palestine (1973-2023). The images have been pulled from The Palestine Poster Project Archives, a collection of 17,350 images in support of Palestine

Resource lists
Art gallery The Mosaic Rooms (@themosaicrooms) has collated this page of resources, including reading lists, lectures and more

Azeema Magazine has put together a collection of Palestine Aid and Action Resources on Instagram, consisting of ways to provide support and keep up to date with the latest news

So.informed, an Instagram account that breaks down politics and social issues, came up with ideas for taking action in a post about what you can do beyond just reading the news about Gaza

Feminist media company Womena has compiled a list of ways to help, sources to consult, and verified funds to donate to in support of Palestinians

RAKE Collective is a visual research collective that has produced an evolving document of actionable ways to support the end to genocide in Palestine, including infographics to share on social media

Babes on Waves, a network that connects underrepresented creatives, founders and community leaders, has come up with a list of things you can do to support civilians in Gaza

London-based arts organisation Counterpoint Arts has released a statement in solidarity with Palestine that includes information about events, resources, and links to petitions

Things to read and watch

Penguin Random House has compiled this list of books to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict and “provide some insight and help to educate on both sides of the conflict and the devastating human toll it inflicts on everyone impacted in the region and across the globe.”

Twitter user Scott Long has uploaded a library of over 1,700 books on Palestine and Israel to Google Drive, which can be downloaded in PDF and EPUB formats

Haymarket Books is offering three eBooks about Palestine that can be downloaded for free

Montreal-based Maktaba Bookshop has shared this Reel on Instagram, showcasing a range of books that can help educate about the conflict

The London Palestine Film Festival
kicks off at Barbican Cinema 1, London on Friday 17 November, with its annual programme showcasing both highly established filmmakers as well as emerging talent. “For two weeks in November, get ready for crucial dialogue regarding Palestine’s film industry, its culture and its politics”

Throughout the month of November, the Arab American National Museum is partnering with the Arab Film and Media Institute to share a selection of films online that provide insight into the current situation unfolding in Gaza. Titles include From Under the Rubble and Closeness to the Land

Independent streaming platform Shasha is running an online fundraiser and film screening of Zeina Durra’s cult classic, The Imperialists Are Still Alive, “about a Manhattan party girl of Arab descent navigating the Lower East Side amidst post 9/11 paranoia.” The film is available for free, but viewers are encouraged to donate to Medical Aid. Please note that due to international distribution regulations, the film is only available to view in the UK

Filmed shortly after the 2014 war in Gaza, documentary Born in Gaza traces how the violence affected 10 Palestinian children, showing the repercussions of the conflict on the lives of Palestinians. Watch it on Netflix

Co-directed by Palestinian Emad Burnat and Israeli Guy Davidi, 5 Broken Cameras documents the experiences of people inside the West Bank and their resistance against military occupation. Watch it on Amazon Prime

In BBC Documentary The Ultra Zionists, Louis Theroux investigates and examines the deeply troubling beliefs of ultra-nationalist Jewish settlers in the West Bank. Watch it on BBC iPlayer or Apple TV

Occupation 101 analyses the Israeli-Palestinian conflict through a historical lens, laying out how Palestinians were systematically dispossessed of their land and the impact of US involvement. Watch it on Amazon Prime

The Promise is a four-part drama series about a British girl who witnesses the difficulties of life in Palestine after travelling to it with the hopes of retracing her grandfather’s steps. Watch it on Amazon Prime

Produced by media website Vox, this video explains the history behind the Palestinian Catastrophe in 1948, during which millions of Palestinian Arabs were permanently displaced from their society and homeland

Events, talks and fundraisers

🗓️ South Asian Arts Collective: Signs for Palestine
Monday 6 November, 11am to 4pm, Moseley Hive, Birmingham

South Asian Arts Collective are holding a space for sign making. All materials will be provided but you are also welcome to bring your own

Find out more here

🗓️ Girls in Film: Films for a Free Palestine
Wednesday 8 November, 7.15pm, Genesis Cinema, London

In solidarity with Palestine, online platform Girls in Film are collaborating with curators Roxy Faridany, Alannah Olivia and Amir El-Masryto bring together a selection of films by female, trans and non-binary Palestinian directors. All proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians

Find out more here

🗓️ Dance for Gaza
Friday 10 November, 11pm to 5am, Tola Peckham, London

“Dance for Gaza’s second fundraiser brings together some of London's best DJs in a showing of solidarity to the Palestinian people in response to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. All proceeds will go to the Palestinian Children's Relief Fund (PCRF)

Find out more here

🗓️ The Funambulist: The architecture of settler colonialism in Palestine
Saturday 11 November, 6pm Paris time, online

The Funambulist magazine is proposing a teach-in by editor-in-chief Léopold Lambert, who will “introduce the various architectural embodiments of settler colonialism in Palestine.” November 11, 2023 6pm, Paris time. Although they welcome “everyone with interest in spatial politics, please note that this teach-in is tailored for architecture students”

Find out more here

🗓️ The People’s Film Club: Film Fundraiser for Gaza
Sunday 12 November, 2pm, Genesis Cinema, London

In collaboration with London Migration Film Festival, London Palestine Film Festival and The Arab Film Club, The People’s Film Club is hosting an afternoon of film, art and conversation to raise funds in support of medical aid in Gaza. They will be screening the award-winning film 200 METERS, which tells the story of a Palestinian father’s struggle to reunite with his family, and there will be a panel discussion along with exhibitions, stalls, and more

Find out more here

🗓️ Irish Artists for Palestine: Gig for Gaza
Tuesday 28 November, 6.30pm, 3Arena, Dublin

Featuring some of the leading names in Irish folk and traditional music, Gig for Gaza is part of a series of events held by the Irish Artists for Palestine coalition. The line-up of the charity concert includes Lankum, The Mary Wallopers, and Damien Dempsey, and all proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians

Find out more here

🗓️ Peckham Levels: Hope for Gaza
Friday 1 December, 6.30pm, Peckham Levels, London

Peckham Levels, a London-based creative venue, will soon be having a night of art, comedy, and music called Hope for Gaza to raise money for Medical Aid for Palestine. Tickets and details coming soon.

Find out more here

Creative sales: prints, badges and clothing


Saj Issa

Resources4 5

Mistica X Adra Kandil


Fatemah Dashti


Mohammad Sharaf




Choose Love X Charlie Mackesy

Prints and artwork
Independent contemporary art gallery, Hunna Art, is donating all proceeds from their “Solidarity sale for Palestine“ to the Emirates Red Crescent’s ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ campaign. The original artworks and art prints in this sale have been generously donated by the artists represented by Hunna Art

Gallery Bawa and Mathqaf have collaborated to launch an emergency relief art sale called “Prints for Palestine”, with the aim to bring attention to the ongoing atrocities, contribute to humanitarian efforts, and provide aid to those affected. All proceeds are being donated to Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Online gallery Emergeast has reactivated their Art Drive for Palestine to raise funds for the immediate support and medical relief in Gaza. The proceeds will be donated to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund, a grass-roots organisation that provides direct humanitarian aid and care for children in Gaza

A small group of volunteers has teamed up with publishing studio Binch Press/Queer.Archive.Work to launch an online art auction. Raising funds for Medical Aid for Palestinians, Prints for Palestine will launch at 12pm EST on Friday October 27th and close at 12pm EST on Friday 3 November

Artist Saj Issa is selling prints of her original painting, “Have You Ever Been to Palestine?” 100% proceeds go to PCRF Gaza Relief (Palestinian Children Relief Fund)

Yasseen Faik is a freelance graphic designer and art director based in London who is selling prints for Palestine. Each piece is unique and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund. Details can be found on Faik’s Instagram page

Badges and stickers
Content creator Fatemah Dashti is selling acrylic badges with all proceeds being donated to the Kuwait Red Crescent Society

Online platform Teeplus are selling a pack of stickers and 100% of the sales will be fully donated to support Palestine through the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society

Kuwait-based designer Mohammad Sharaf is selling Palestine T-shirts with $15 from each shirt being donated to “help the vulnerable and forcibly displaced in Jerusalem – Occupied Palestine, via Kuwait Red Crescent Society”

Online clothing platform Mistica is selling a T-shirt produced in collaboration with Lebanese artist Adra Kandil “featuring Jerusalem’s Dome of the Rock, under a simple yet powerful statement: it is (and always will be) called Palestine.” 100% of revenues from the first drop will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians. The T-shirt is available to pre-order now

UK-based NGO (non-governmental organisation) Choose Love has partnered with artist Charlie Mackesy to produce this T-shirt and “raise funds for displaced people in Gaza and southern Israel [...] All profits from the sale of each T-shirt will be donated to Choose Love from this production run”

Saint Levant, a Palestinian/French/Algerian/Serbian artist now based in California, is donating all proceeds from his “From Gaza, With Love” series to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF)

Brooklyn-based graphic designer and illustrator Chantal Jahchan has created a shirt that says Gaza in English and Arabic as a way to express that “we see you, Gaza, and your lives matter.” All proceeds from the sale will be going to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.

PWBFREE Clothing is a streetwear brand that derives inspiration from retro fashion and 90’s hip hop. They donate 25% of their profits to organisations that support Palestinians and their current organisation of choice is Playgrounds for Palestine, a charity that advocates for Palestinian childrens’ right to childhood

Strawberry Ranch, a conscious apparel and home goods company founded by artist Ali Godil, is selling art posters to raise money for the children of Gaza. All net profits will go to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund

Places to donate

While many have been looking for ways to support relief efforts and offer aid, at the same time, scammers can unfortunately seize the opportunity to take advantage of people’s generosity, so it’s important to ensure that you’re supporting real causes.

Always do research before donating and verify the legitimacy of these organisations. For UK-based charities, you can search the Charity Commission’s register of charities to find out about their financial, governance, and regulatory practices. Many charities in the US have been evaluated by Charity Navigator, and charity monitoring organisation BBB Wise Giving Alliance has also compiled a list of accredited charities. Here are some places that you can donate to:

  • The Middle East Children’s Alliance (MECA) is a nonprofit organisation working for the rights and the well-being of children in the Middle East. Amidst the ongoing attack on Gaza, MECA is fundraising to provide emergency assistance to displaced families and to procure emergency medical supplies for hospitals and clinics
  • Muslim Aid USA a charity that provides help to victims of natural disasters or conflict, and their team is working alongside partners on the ground in Gaza. They are fundraising to deliver essential medical aid and equipment to main hospitals in Gaza, food packages and vital necessities to those who are in need
  • United Palestinian Appeal (UPAs) is a New York-registered non-profit organisation that delivers programmes in health, education, and community and economic development
  • ANERA is mobilising resources for humanitarian and emergency relief by working on the ground with partners in Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan
  • Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) is providing humanitarian assistance as well as health and social services in Palestine and the diaspora
  • United Hands Relief and Development is an organisation that engages in humanitarian projects – is on the ground in Gaza to help provide emergency relief
  • Medical Aid for Palestinians has a team in Gaza and is working to procure and distribute medical supplies, as well as other critical necessities.
  • Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF) is a humanitarian organisation appealing for donations to provide relief to over one million vulnerable children in Gaza
  • UN World Food Programme is on the ground providing emergency food aid and assistance in response to the disruption of food production and distribution networks in Gaza
  • Doctors Without Borders is providing medical care and support as well as psychological assistance to Palestinians affected by the ongoing conflict
  • The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) is appealing for donations to provide assistance and protection for registered Palestine refugees
  • Restless Beings is an international human rights organisation and registered UK charity distributing aid in the form of medical kits, emergency family kits, and food and water

Other support

Healing Justice London is providing both online and in-person support spaces that offer collective care and support. To attend, reach out to Healing Justice London via email at [email protected]. Time slots are available throughout the week

The Humanitarian Network has collated vital information for those who might be missing a family member, in the conflict zone themselves, or in need of wellbeing resources

Writer and activist Jezz Chung has produced a guide on how to mobilise in response to the crisis that is informed by her background as an autistic and neurodivergent artist

Information on boycotts

As a consumer, you can boycott products from companies that violate Palestinian rights

Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has called for a boycott of such businesses and shared information about ways that you can get involved

This chrome extension called PalestinePact was released by Deen Developers, and it blurs out any products on the BDS list when you shop on different online retail stores

RAKE Collective has also shared DIY boycott stickers that can be downloaded, printed, and stuck on items from the boycott list