Posted 23 June 2022

Watch our Pep Talk with Represent on landing your first job in the creative industry

One thing’s for sure – there’s an abundance of opportunity in the creative industry. But what’s the use if you don’t know how to get your foot in the door? How do you go about landing that seemingly elusive first role? Luckily, recruitment agency Represent joined us for a Pep Talk to talk about exactly this. Tune in below as founder Mike Radcliffe and consultant James McLearie answer all your questions on securing your very first role in industry.

The big talking points:

  • Where and how to find entry-level jobs (07:18)
  • Should you apply for internships or junior roles? (12:40)
  • What industry red flags should you watch out for? (19:50)
  • Should you apply for a job even if you don’t fully fit the criteria? (22:52)
  • How long should you stay in a studio that’s not right for you? (26:09)
  • Tips on how to write a standout CV and cover letter (29:44)
  • Some of the best interview questions to prepare for (38:14)
  • Advice for neurodivergent applicants (42:57)
  • How to navigate networking (46:28)

What did I miss?
After introductions, James and Mike shared their Pep Talk with us: “Remember, people hire people! Ultimately the person employing you is looking for someone they can relate to. Be honest, kind and enjoy the interviewing process.”

This was the underlying message of the event, where James and Mike covered all bases from finding the best roles to networking as an introvert. Always bringing it back to thinking about the entire process on a human level, they provided us with some integral and encouraging advice to navigating the industry.

Meet the Guests

About Represent
Founded in 2003, recruitment agency Represent specialises in branding and design communication. As part of this, the team help match budding, entry-level creatives with roles at a range of brands and agencies, assisting with everything from portfolio preparation to interview techniques. The team also produce in-depth projects examining industry issues such as fair and equal pay, flexible working and the importance of increasing diversity in the workplace.

With such an enormous wealth of knowledge between them, we’re thrilled to have welcomed founder Mike Radcliffe and consultant James McLearie to answer all your questions on landing your first role in the creative industry.

About Mike Radcliffe
Having worked in the industry for design agencies and companies such as Spin, Artomatic and DesignJobs, Mike founded Represent in 2003. With the determination to create a new approach to recruitment that better aligned with his values and passion for design, Represent has since gone on to become a valuable bridge between agencies and designers of all disciplines including fashion, UX and motion. With innumerable insights to share around finding the right job for you, Mike will also be on hand to talk about navigating the interview process.

About James McLearie
Graduating from LCC in 2013 with a BA in design and visual communications, James pivoted in fashion working as an assistant art director at Burberry, a senior consultant at Alexander Wang and White Cube Gallery in the editions department. Joining the Represent team in early 2019, he’s become well connected across the design industry, finding and recommending the best junior graphic design and art director jobs in the market.

Ready to share his own industry insights, James has plenty of advice for those about to take their very first steps in the creative sphere and applying for junior and mid-level roles.

About the Host

About Steph Fung
A 2019 graduate of LCC’s BA in graphic and media design, after working with the likes ofThe Face magazine, Studio Moross and The Mill, Steph built up a strong network before landing a role as a motion designer at Selfridges in 2019.

Today, Steph’s career continues to go from strength-to-strength – from building an impressive online presence to creating work for Vogue Singapore. Now working as a freelance 3D artist, Steph’s practice centres around her interests in interaction design and fashion.

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