Posted 11 July 2024
Written by Isabelle Cassidy

8 YouTube channels to follow for graphic design tips

In the 19 years since YouTube’s creation, an estimated 14 billion videos have been posted on the platform. There’s content covering almost anything you could imagine, and the design world is no exception. Whether you’re wondering how graphic designers find freelance clients, looking for a time-saving trick on Illustrator or want insight into the realities of a designer’s ‘Day in the Life’, we’re highlighting 8 YouTube creators that are worth subscribing to for budding designers.

1. Kel Lauren

As recommended by creative artworker Rina Kulemeka, Kel Lauren’s YouTube channel showcases all things graphic design. As well as collecting free design resources and taking you on a designer's desk tour, Kel also offers insight on their specialisms of merchandise design and music branding.

Watch all of Kels videos here.

2. Michael Lubrin

Michael Lubrin, known as @DaysWithMike on YouTube, creates videos about lifestyle, productivity, and personal development as a designer. His videos often include vlogs documenting his daily life, tips on securing initial clients, and detailed walkthroughs of the design process.

Watch all of Mikes videos here.

3. Abi Connick

Abi Connick, a UK-based brand designer and content creator, offers personal insight into life as a creative on her channel. She offers tutorials on design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, showcases her personal creative projects and offers practical tips for aspiring designers, as well as sharing behind-the-scenes insights into her process and vlogs that offer a window into her life and work.

Watch all of Abis videos here.

4. Katrina Romulo

Better known by her handle @EdgyKatrina, Katrina is another design creator with a speciality in branding. She even taught a class on Brand Identity and Graphic Design at UC Berkeley! Her videos range from discussing the advice that’s changed her life, to Adobe walkthroughs and tutorials. If you want to find out more, check out her feature in It's Nice That.

Watch all of Katrina’s videos here.

5. Qori B

An Atlanta-based art director and designer, Qori B or @HelloQori on YouTube, shares content on all things creativity, design, career and productivity. From vlogs of a typical day, to how she brainstorms for clients and plenty of design brief walkthroughs, if you're wondering how real-life designers go about their work – Qori has the answers.

Watch all of Qori‘s videos here.

6. Paola Kassa

Paola says one of the main reasons she started her channel was to help fellow designers find creative inspiration, and she has tons of videos that do just that. She has how-tos on everything from creating mockups, 3D text, custom typography, grids and layouts and colour palettes, alongside plenty of other videos to spark your own design inspiration.

Watch all of Paola‘s videos here.

7. Will Paterson

One of the biggest design channels out there, UK YouTuber Will Paterson gets millions of views per video for his content dedicated to graphic design, branding and illustration. Known for his comprehensive and detailed tutorials, Will also provides insight into logo design and offers viewers the chance to submit their work and get constructively critiqued.

Watch all of Will’s videos here.

8. Alice Thorpe

Alice Thorpe has amassed over 123,000 subscribers during her time on YouTube for her content all about lifestyle, fashion and design. Although she also makes videos on other things, it's her Procreate and Illustrator tutorials that have racked up the most views. If you’re after some more general aesthetic inspiration or tangible tips like how to invoice as a freelancer – check out Alice’s channel.

Watch all of Alice’s videos here.

Written by Isabelle Cassidy