Posted 07 December 2022

A list of independent creative zines and publications across the UK

Independent zines have long been a medium of creative expression, with historical ties to DIY art, philosophy and subculture. They’ve come a long way from their origins as science fiction fandoms in the 1930s – nowadays functioning as exceptional ways to draw creative inspiration and find or build like-minded creative communities. Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best independent creative zines and publications for your reading pleasure.

If you’re looking for something to spur on your next artistic endeavour, we’ve gathered a selection spanning various creative disciplines and themes. From art, poetry, football, music, fashion, politics, culture and everything in between, we’re sure there’s something in here for you to dive into. Have a browse through to support independent creators whilst gaining a serious dose of creative inspiration!

Mushpit Magazine

Mushpit Magazine was founded to counteract the concept of photoshopped magazines with ads and the associated lack of creative control. Inspired by magazines of the late 90s and early 2000s, it specialises in humorous and sarcastic takes on life as a woman in London, and covers themes ranging from relationships to mental health.

See more from Mushpit Magazine here

Offlicence Magazine

Playfully taking their name from the British cultural landmark – the corner shop also known as the off licence (or offie) – this Brighton-based publication spans underground music, photography and culture. It offers plenty of great interviews with musicians and artists alike.

See more from Offlicence here


Spamzine aims to import experimental culture and glitchy computer aesthetics into a literary zine format. They accept poetry and essay submissions that engage with meme culture, irony, sincerity, cyberspace and beyond. The zine also puts on events, readings and workshops.

See more from Spamzine here


OOMK Zine (One of My Kind) is a collaborative publishing practice who advocate inclusion of women from diverse ethnic backgrounds in creative spaces. Their work is highly visual, using techniques such as risograph printing – and they regularly hold open-access workshops, so you can kick start your very own zine-making project.

See more from OOMK here

It’s Freezing in LA!

IFLA! is an independent magazine that focuses on science and activism, inviting writers and illustrators from a variety of fields to share their views on the effects of climate change. They also hold events on ways to combat its effects in London, most of which are free to attend.

See more from IFLA! here

Twos Mag

Twos Mag was launched to combat what founder Morgan Allan sees as the commericalisation of youth culture mags. The magazine publishes a wide range of themes, interviews, fake advertisements and has recently launched a series of Central London cheap eats maps.

See more from Twos Mag here

Polyester Zine

Featuring articles and interviews that engage with pop culture, music and the internet, Polyester Zine is a self-published, intersectional feminist arts and culture magazine that bridges the gap between cyber and IRL feminism. They also host regular talks and events.

See more from Polyester Zine here

Sabat Magazine

Sabat explores the notion of contemporary witchcraft by engaging largely with its appearance in Tumblr and Instagram culture. The zine publishes interviews, essays, articles and visuals, examining the perceptions of the occult especially through aesthetic expression.

See more from Sabat here

Sweet-thang Zine

Sweet-thang is an independent print zine and arts platform featuring work by Black artists of marginalised genders. They foster a creative space for women, femmes, gender non-conforming and non-binary people.

See more from Sweet-thang here


BathMagg is an online poetry magazine that offers a platform for both established and emerging writers. They publish three times a year, and are regularly open for unsolicited submissions.

See more from BathMagg here

Buffalo Magazine

Buffalo Magazine’s design and format changes with each issue – with an overarching theme of satire. Previous editions have focused on gender roles, art, friendship groups, memes and life on social media.

See more from Buffalo here

Louche Magazine

Louche is all about drag and queer performance art, with an aim to create an archive bank of what drag performances look like in the present day – whilst equally engaging with the influence of drag history.

See more from Louche here

Season Zine

Somewhere between a football fanzine and a fashion mag, Season Zine tells stories surrounding football and fashion, spotlighting female fans and marginalised communities within the sphere. With a commitment to authentic storytelling, the zine seeks to counteract the traditional white and male-dominated culture of the sport.

See more from Season Zine here

Tendencies Bulletin

A left-wing zine focusing on poetry, art, football, fashion, politics and people, Tendencies Bulletin hosts regular readings of their printed pieces on independent radio stations, and organises regular gatherings for their readers. They also sell classic zine merch including neckerchiefs and pins.

See more from Tendencies Bulletin here

Typical Girls

Typical Girls is an intersectional print publication platforming a diverse look at womanhood. Themes include everything from exploring the female form and looking at our connection to the earth, to championing upcoming music creators.

See more from Typical Girls here

Oof Magazine

Founded on the belief that football and art have more in common than one might think – namely, the power to make people collectively feel – this independent magazine is an extension of the Oof gallery in London’s Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, and combines the two activities in a bi-annual publication.

See more from Oof Magazine here

So Young

Having recently celebrated the publication of their 40th issue, So Young focuses on a close-up view of the alternative music scene. Having made a name for themselves as a key player in the lo-fi aesthetics music zine space, they have expanded their output to starting their own record label, hosting live shows and developing their own line of merch.

See more from So Young Magazine here

Weird Walk

Weird Walk zine was created by three friends who had spent extended periods of time together roaming the British countryside, and felt compelled to capture the stories of folklore, foraging and history that they came across amongst the landscape.

See more from Weird Walk here


With special thanks to James Stone.

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Written by Creative Lives in Progress