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VCCP is a fully integrated creative media and production agency offering the full spectrum of marketing capabilities under one roof.

For 22 years VCCP has been creating world-class, standout creative ideas grounded in thorough strategic thinking that has led it to create some of the most well-loved ads.

The core ethos is ‘it only works if it all works’ – connecting all channels and markets to help brands make more meaningful connections with their customers.

Whether it’s a new brand or a brand looking to reinvent itself, VCCP loves to work with clients who have a challenger mindset and want to disrupt the market rather than simply reflect the status quo

The challenger mentality initially brought great success to brands who needed to launch or re-launch within their category - brands like O2, Compare the Market, or easyJet, who swiftly became number 1 in their industries.

But over time, our approach has been in demand from brands who are already market leaders and need to stay ahead, like Cadbury.



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New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Shanghai, Prague, Madrid, Stoke-on-Trent



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Account Management, Strategy, Creative, Production, New Business, Behavioural Science

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Creative lives in progress vccp dominos

High 4 campaign for Domino’s

Creative lives in progress vccp cadbury 02

Easter's Biggest Egg campaign Cadbury Mini Eggs

Creative lives in progress vccp work white claw

Grab Life By The Claw campaign for White Claw

Inside the Company

On 24th January 2002 four founders came together united in their desire to challenge the bad habits of the industry.

They were motivated by the belief that they could create a better type of agency – for the people who work there and the clients they serve.

It’s a motivation that remains to this day. If they see something that’s wrong, they challenge it.

This is why VCCP is the challenger agency for challenger brands.

It has since grown to become one of the biggest independent agencies, having grown organically with its clients to establish its global footprint.

Awards include Agency of the Year [won 10 times], and Integrated Agency of the Year 2021 and 2024.

Last year, it took home 4 IPA effectiveness awards [including the Grand Prix for Cadbury], silver at Campaign’s Global Agency of the Year Awards, five awards at The Marketing Society, and two Campaign Big awards.

Aside from the awards, VCCP is driven by business transformation results for its clients.

Creative lives in progress vccp inside the company 04

The challenger agency for challenger brands

Creative lives in progress vccp inside the company 02

Inside the VCCP studio

Creative lives in progress vccp inside the company 03

Driven by business transformation results for its clients

Creative lives in progress vccp inside the company 06

Inside the VCCP studio

Mission and Values

Every brand needs to be the same brand wherever it shows up.

One brand. One strategy. One idea. One tone of voice. One visual language.

It’s not ‘matching luggage’ it’s ‘matching thinking’ so consumers feel like the brands they regularly see and hopefully interact with in any one of a squillion different ways, feel emotionally the same and familiar.

This is why VCCP is a fully integrated creative, production, and media agency offering the following capabilities under one roof: advertising, production, digital and experience design, media planning, buying, data, social content, retail experience, PR, gaming, AI, branding, research, behavioral science, B2B, employee engagement, customer engagement

Creative lives in progress vccp mission and values

Black History Month at VCCP

Culture and Benefits

As the challenge agency, the culture is incredibly important to VCCP, and the people are at the heart of making VCCP a brilliant place to work.

VCCP utilises this spirit to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the industry – whether that’s setting up a new agency dedicated to AI and running training for all staff on the topic, to opening an office and charity in Stoke-on-Trent to help break down the barriers to access our industry.

There are a myriad of initiatives for you to get involved in based on your interests, whether that's joining the DE&I Collective – driving cultural change.

Maybe you’re interested in employee wellbeing and want to join the Wellbeing team.

Or maybe you’re constantly on the pulse of cultural and industry trends – then the Curious team could be for you.

It has everything from payday pizza, free breakfast and fruit to discounted gymbox, free eye tests, and cycle-to-work schemes…to name but a few.

A Wimbledon Ping Pong Competition at VCCP

Entry-Level Opportunities

VCCP is incredibly passionate about nurturing entry-level talent to help them thrive in their careers.

All entry-level employees have access to a group-wide entry-level community called ‘Bear Essentials’ which is designed to provide training opportunities, community, and mentorship - to help give you the best start possible in the agency.

Each year the company welcomes 20 future advertisers into the agency for a week-long work experience scheme called ‘Ad School’.

Throughout the week you gain invaluable industry knowledge and get to work on a client brief.

It also runs a year-long entry-level programme called ‘The Table’ where you are placed in a specific part of the partnership for the year to learn your craft – whether that’s account management, strategy, or production.

Our Tablers usually go on to be offered permanent contracts at the end of this year-long scheme.

VCCP also has a charitable arm called VCCP Stoke Academy based in Stoke-on-Trent. The Academy has so far delivered over 10,000 hours of work experience to young people in Stoke-on-Trent via a virtual work experience scheme, a four-week paid summer internship, and through talks at various colleges, schools, and universities in the region.

VCCP also runs a three-month paid creative placement scheme called ‘The Den’ for creative partners to get their foot in the door and work on some of its biggest clients from day one.