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Sunshine is a next-generation strategic consultancy and full-service creative agency - a partnership of world class Strategists, Creative Directors, Designers, Producers and Talent Specialists using creativity to imagine a new era.

It helps clients create the future of modern brand behaviour, and express their unique stories in new ways that contribute to culture.



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Strategic consultancy and full-service creative agency

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Strategy, Creative, Design, Client Services, Ops, Production

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Creative lives in progress sunshine company work balmain 01

A five-part drama series for Balmain

Creative lives in progress sunshine company work jimmy choo

Campaign for Jimmy Choo

Creative lives in progress sunshine company work augustinus bader

Brand Creation for Augustinus Bader

Creative lives in progress sunshine company work balmain 02

Campaign for Balmain

Creative lives in progress sunshine company asos 01

Campaign for ASOS

Inside the Company

Sunshine was founded in 2012 and was designed to help luxury, fashion, and lifestyle brands.

Sunshine is at the vanguard of a movement away from advertising and towards entertainment as a more powerful means to drive audience engagement and commercial growth for brands.

It uses the power of entertainment thinking to drive brand, cultural, and commercial growth for its clients.

The aim is to help the clients create a pathway to a direct audience, eliminating their reliance on intermediaries and shifting them from marketing expenditure to investing in the creation of properties that have the potential to return value.

Sunshine has offices in London, New York, and Los Angeles and a global client base, although the main hub of operations is in London.

Creative lives in progress sunshine inside the company 03

A snapshot of the office

Mission and Values

Sunshine also has a set of beliefs that guides its behaviour as a business.

The best idea wins, meaning a good idea can come from anywhere.

The shortest distance between two people is a story so employees are hardwired to understand the meaning at the heart of stories. It is encouraged to aim for the heart with everything you work on.

Everything says something. It's important everyone appreciates effort, care, craft, skill, thought, and consideration.

Everything and nothing has changed, so people are still people. Professional empathy is always needed.

Diversity of thought means the collective intelligence of a group goes up with the inclusion of differences. We welcome different perspectives and then seek shared values.

In your day-to-day question everything, look for new paths. Dots to join. Don't be afraid of risk, embrace it. If there is no fear then you aren’t moving forward. Be prepared to crash, just do it quickly.

Lastly, unreasonable ambition is everything. Think bigger. If you can picture it, it can happen.

Creative lives in progress sunshine company culture 02

The best idea wins, meaning a good idea can come from anywhere

Culture and Benefits

Sunshine people and partners only choose to work with the studio if it remains a company with a purpose – while fostering a culture where autonomy and learning flourish.

It believes four big levers can be used to achieve this.

Firstly autonomy is essential. It means the right of everyone at Sunshine, no matter what level of experience, to have the freedom to decide how best to complete the task they are responsible for.

People here are judged and rewarded based on their output and performance, not the hours they clock.

Secondly, Mastery is the right of everyone at Sunshine to develop, learn, and upskill. to upskill.

The purpose is to know why everyone comes to work at Sunshine at a macro level and personal level, and for this to be felt and manifested day-to-day.

Finally, inclusion means knowing you’re working in an inclusive and collaborative culture with the support of both your peers and senior management.

Inside the Sunshine studio

Entry-Level Opportunities

There is a strong focus on providing valuable opportunities and guidance to entry-level talent at Sunshine. Fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where juniors can learn and grow alongside senior members of the team is crucial. The approach is designed to empower junior employees by offering them exposure to a diverse range of projects and ensuring they receive one-on-one guidance.

Juniors are provided with opportunities to work on a variety of projects – by exposing them to different tasks and challenges, we aim to broaden their skill sets and help them discover their interests and strengths. This exposure to diverse projects also fosters a well-rounded understanding of the organisation and its various functions, which is beneficial for their long-term growth within the company.

Regular one-to-one meet-ups between juniors and their line managers are prioritised. These meetings serve as dedicated times for juniors to discuss their progress, seek advice, and set goals. The individualised attention and guidance provided in these sessions ensure that juniors receive the necessary support to succeed and make the most of their time at the company.