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StormBrands is an independent and ambitious global brand consultancy with studios in London and Leeds.

The consultancy is all about strategic and creative design that delivers simple outcomes to brand challenges.

As an independent agency, it’s agile, fast-paced, and responsive – made up of a collection of passionate people with experience across all areas of branding, design, strategy, and copywriting.

It's a great place to lean on those around you to learn and develop new skills.



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Client Services, Strategy, Creative, Production and Realisation

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Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work Free From

Branding work for Free From

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work Despar

Branding work for Despar

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work Tropicana

Branding work for Tropicana+

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work Black In Business

Branding work for Black In Business

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work5 Counted An identity that wouldnt compromise on flavour

Branding work for the Morrisons ‘Counted’ range

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress work6 Tofoo How one brand became the category

Branding work for ToFoo

Inside the Company

StormBrands was founded in 1994 and has gone from strength to strength ever since.

In the beginning, the business was focused on FMCG [fast-moving consumer goods] and retail brands, with a specific focus on packaging design.

Over the years it has developed into a highly strategic multi-channel brand consultancy, working with a diverse range of iconic and ambitious brands.

Simple problem solving is at the heart of the business, an approach it applies across the different sectors and industries it works within.

Today, there are around 40 people working across client services, strategy, creative, and production.

Ultimately, it provides a space to enjoy collaboration without politics.

Stormbrands Workplace2

Problem solving is at the heart of the business

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress inside Inside Workplace 9

Group work makes the dream work

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress inside Inside Workplace 7

The team collaborating together in the office

Stormbrands creativelivesinprogress inside Inside Workplace 1

Asking questions and sharing ideas is encouraged!

Mission and Values

StormBrands turns complex challenges into simple solutions.

It does this by understanding its audience – its people-first approach can be seen in how the studio partners with its clients.

You'll find a unique blend of big brand thinking and boutique spirit, with everyone encouraged to have a point of view.

The mission is to speak up, own it, and grow together.

Stormbrands Workplace

Every team member is encouraged to have a point of view

Culture and Benefits

Everyone loves socialising together. The day-to-day working methods are naturally relaxed and collaborative, and people take time to coach and support each other daily.

StormBrands understands that people need space and opportunity for inspiration and motivation.

From private health insurance to monthly long weekends (finish at 3pm on a Friday and start 10am on a Monday) - there is heaps on offer.

The team all together
The team at the pub

Entry-Level Opportunities

When taking on junior talent, StormBrands has mentors who share their knowledge and skills, giving both the junior and mentor the ability to grow and learn from each other.

Making sure that they stay relevant and close to the ground with universities and graduates, StormBrands also take on interns each year.

This provides fresh young talent with the skills to evolve and grow in a creative and collaborative environment, and if successful go on to become a full-time employees.