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Human After All

Human After All is a London-based design agency specialising in brand-led communications.

Put simply, this means helping clients to express themselves in a way that reflects who they are: their mission, their values and what makes them special.

The aim is to capture the attention of people the client wants to reach. Many of their clients come from the tech or purpose sectors – industries where it’s essential to engage the right audience.





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Key Departments

Production, Creative, Copy, Strategy

Jobs and Opportunities


Humanafterall creative lives in progress Climate Group

Branding work for Climate Group

HAA Impossible Foods 1

Branding work for Impossible Foods

Humanafterall header creative lives in progress

Branding work for HBO: Human by Orientation

Humanafterall work client creative lives in progress 02

Branding work for Greenpeace: Genervest

Humanafterall creative lives in progress Climate Group Facebook

Work for Facebook: Build Brilliant Brands

HAA Energy Saving Trust 1

Branding work for Energy Saving Trust

Inside the Company

Human After All was born out of a desire to create bold, iconic work for interesting companies, while driving positive change in the world – and its certification as a B Corporation reflects this.

Having officially opened for business in early 2013, its founders had previously worked together making magazines – notably, the film mag Little White Lies. The agency has since expanded and is still growing rapidly.

HAA studio 2

HAA studio 7

HAA studio 3

HAA studio 5

HAA studio 9

Mission and Values

The agency strives to apply reason and empathy in everything it does. It is focused on purpose – both in the sense of having a clear, practical rationale for design choices, and in choosing to work with organisations that are changing the world for the better.

The principle of empathy relates to the consideration of the audience. Whatever the project, the team tries to learn about who is being designed for, and their needs. This ties in to the agency’s desire to do good.

HAA fancy dress

HAA picnic lunch

HAA panel discussion

Culture and Benefits

Several benefits are offered to employees: private health insurance, a generous holiday allowance and an annual training budget of £1000 per staff member, to help them develop their skills.

However, the company sees the culture as the biggest single benefit. It strives to provide a friendly, open and supportive place to work. There are lots of informal social activities, including sports, cinema trips and cheese and wine nights.

Human After All's driving motivation is 'to do good'

Entry-Level Opportunities

Career development is taken seriously for everyone at Human After All, but particular attention is paid to people who join the team at entry level.

The professional development framework provides clear behaviour and competency guidelines, which explain exactly what’s required for promotion. Team members have regular meetings with their line manager to set clear goals to aim for, and to discuss progress.

There is also a nurturing approach to junior staff, who are encouraged to try their hand at all the project types on offer.