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AKQA is a design and innovation company that works with clients including Nike, Netflix, IBM, Google and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars.

In 2021 it was awarded the Cannes Lions Grand Prix for Design, was named by Gartner as the world’s leading marketing agency and was honoured with Fast Company’s World Changing Idea award. AKQA has also been recognised as a Fast Company Best Workplace for Innovators, and most recently it was awarded the Great Place to Work Certification.



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Design, Creative, Strategy, Technology, Delivery, User Experience

Jobs and Opportunities

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Creative lives in progress AKQA HM Looop

Work for H&M ‘Looop’

Creative lives in progress AKQA HM Looop 1

Work for H&M ‘Looop’

Creative lives in progress AKQA workone story away hero

Global brand campaign ’One Story Away’ for Netflix

Creative lives in progress AKQA work64 Ways of Being

AR app ‘64 Ways of Being’ let users see Melbourne in a new light

Creative lives in progress AKQA work MARV

Visual identity for film producer Matthew Vaughn’s studio, Marv

Creative lives in progress AKQA work The Golden Thread

Still from documentary series, ’The Golden Thread’

Inside the Company

AKQA’s goal is to push boundaries and create significant ideas, products, and services – while working in an environment where people can thrive, unconstrained by convention.

Having successfully collaborated with many of the world’s most prestigious organisations, AKQA works across everything from products and services to communications and commerce.

AKQA strongly believes that ideas have the power to break down barriers, unite people and shape a better future. That’s why many of the company’s ideas are often born from the frustration of looking at what already exists, and asking the question: “Why does it have to be this way?”

Creative lives in progress AKQA company

Inside AKQA

Mission and Values

Collectively, AKQA work towards a core set of missions. The first is innovation. From art to science, being innovative leads to new ideas that ultimately improve people’s lives, and make a positive lasting impact.

Another key mission is service. This means working with integrity and striving to create better ways to be of value. This extends to colleagues and clients; developing mutual respect and nurturing long-term relationships.

Thirdly, is a commitment to quality. By setting and adhering to high professional standards the team aims to produce influential work that surpasses expectations.

Lastly, thought. AKQA continually seeks opportunities to improve – by researching, listening, learning and adapting across all aspects of its organisation and the work it does.

Creatives lives in progress AKQA mission min

The AKQA Family Album

Culture and Benefits

AKQA is committed to helping their team members develop, and provides opportunities to build on leadership skills.

It offers formal training in the form of AKQA Insight, a series of events and talks for clients and employees, as well as the WPP Professional Development. This is designed to equip and inspire the team with the creative, engineering and business acumen required to have professionally rewarding careers.

Attention to detail makes for fine work at AKQA

Entry-Level Opportunities

AKQA’s global teams are united in one goal: to become an employer of choice. This means offering the chance to work on cutting-edge work in an engaging and supportive environment that champions creativity, inclusivity and conscientiousness.

There are currently career opportunities at AKQA for over 1,000 new employees in the next year – and with location no longer a barrier, the company encourages applications from all over the world.

Alongside the company’s Future Lions initiative, AKQA has also formed partnerships with many schools and universities.