Posted 07 November 2022

Want to get into creative technology? Join our Portfolio Review with Google Creative Lab!

Together with the team at Google Creative Lab, we’re bringing you a special-edition portfolio review with a focus on creative technology. So if you’re free on Wednesday 7th December and would love to get to know the team and show them your work, apply below!

On Wednesday 7th December, we’ll be hosting a portfolio review for budding creative technologists together with Google Creative Lab – a visionary team at Google made up of interdisciplinary thinkers and doers. We will be joined by five members from the London and New York teams, to connect with fifteen up-and-coming creatives.

The evening will be your opportunity to:

  • chat to the Google Creative Lab team in a relaxed setting
  • get insight on what the team looks for in new talent
  • receive one-to-one advice and feedback on your work
  • meet inspiring fellow emerging creatives

Who can apply?

This portfolio review is open to technically-minded creatives from a wide range of disciplines. There are 15 places on offer for budding hacker-tinkerers who love coming up with ideas and building tools to make creative concepts a reality.

The world of creative technology is big and broad. So whether you’re a programmer or product designer with a love of prototyping, or an illustrator with a passion for communicating through code, if you’re interested in using technology to push creative boundaries – we want to hear from you!

To apply, we ask that you are a UK-based emerging creative, with no more than one year’s professional experience in the creative industry, and that you’re aged 18 or over.

How it will work

The session will take place on Google Meet on Wednesday 7th December 2022, from 5pm to 8pm GMT. There are only a limited number of places available, so make sure you sign up to register your interest.

The event itself is fast-paced: In breakout rooms of three emerging creatives and one reviewer, you will get the opportunity to show and discuss work, and get advice and feedback. This will then rotate, so you get to meet several reviewers throughout the evening.

Please note that you will be required to have something to show, but this doesn’t have to be a polished portfolio. We also recommend keeping this to one to two projects or pieces of work that capture what you do.

Meet the reviewers

Joining us on the night will be:

Kate Strudwick, multidisciplinary interactive designer, Google Creative Lab, London
As a multidisciplinary interaction designer, Kate’s work with Google Creative Lab sits at the intersection of technology and design. Having graduated from the Royal College of Art with a masters in Innovation Design Engineering, Kate joined Google Creative Lab as part of the Google Creative Lab Five programme. Today, her work sees her treading the line between speculation and solution to find better futures for today’s problems.

See more from Kate here

Alex Chen, creative director, Google Creative Lab, New York
Alex’s work combines music, design and coding. At Google, he’s helped to lead projects such as the Les Paul doodle (an interactive instrument on Google’s homepage), Chrome Music Lab (a website used in classrooms around the world), and A.I. Experiments (projects that make machine learning more accessible). Alex’s personal projects include a transformation of a New York subway map into a string instrument, and visualisations of the music of Bach.

See more from Alex here

Zebedee Pederson, creative technologist, Google Creative Lab, London
After studying guitar at college, Zebedee learned programming as part of the Music Computing degree at Goldsmiths University, before joining Google Creative Lab in 2013 as a creative technologist. His work focuses mainly on the application of AI research and development, and innovation in the field of accessibility.

See more from Zebedee here

Emma Williamson, producer, Google Creative Lab, London
Having originally studied digital art and technology, Emma has been working as a digital producer for over 15 years. With a specialism in live events and attractions, project highlights include Jeff Wayne’s immersive theatre show The War of the Worlds; theme park rides for David Walliams and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles; and virtual ministerial events for [political forum] G7. Now back in the Lab for a second time, Emma runs integrated digital workstreams, multi-million pound projects and global teams.

See more from Emma here

Jasmin Rubinovitz, creative technologist, Google Creative Lab, Tel Aviv
Jasmin is a cross-disciplinary researcher, artist and engineer. Jasmin’s research focuses on utilising machine learning, natural language processing and data visualisation for human-machine collaboration. Before joining Google, Jasmin taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York and worked at Fake Love, a New York Times company, where she created interactive immersive experiences using algorithms, data and computational tools.

See more from Jasmin here

How to apply

This session is open to students, grads, those currently seeking work or working in the creative industry. Please note, you are only eligible to register if you:

• Have a maximum of one year’s professional experience in the creative industry
• Are based in the UK
• Are aged 18 or over

Register your interest by midnight, 14th November via the link below.

Please note

Registering for this event does not guarantee a place. Those invited to attend will be emailed a week before the event, and will be asked to pay a £5 deposit. This is to confirm your attendance, and will be refunded after the session.

Attendees are selected based on their eligibility, so please be assured that if you are not invited, this is not a reflection of the quality of your work.

We hope to see you there!

Written by Creative Lives in Progress