Posted 12 January 2023

12 exercise clubs for creatives to join

As we ease into the new year, many of us will be hoping to kickstart some new healthy habits – exercise being a popular one. What better way to keep motivated than to do it alongside fellow creatives? Whether you’re new to team sports, unsure how to find clubs, or are simply looking for an inclusive environment to participate, we’ve picked out 12 exercise clubs that creatives can join in the UK.

Be it running, football, rock climbing or swimming that you’re interested in, these teams are great to either have on your radar, or get actively involved with and join.

While many of these clubs are London-based, this is an ever-growing list of creative sports teams that we’ll be adding to. So scroll on down to get started!

🏃 Tempo LDN

Sport: Running
Based in: Peckham, London

Tempo is a running club for DJs, musicians and creatives based in London. They meet every Tuesday at 6.45pm in Peckham for a five kilometre run at a relaxed pace, and often hold events and open deck sessions after the run, encouraging first time DJs to step up and experiment. You can join their WhatsApp group and sign up to their newsletter to keep in the loop. They welcome all levels of running and DJing experience.

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⚽️ Baesianz FC

Sport: Football
Based in: Hackney, London

Baesianz FC is a grassroots, London-based football team for women, trans and non-binary people of Asian heritage. The football club arose from Baesianz, the creative collective and platform that produces, curates and exhibits contemporary Asian art worldwide. They welcome all levels of experience, from total beginners to advanced football enthusiasts.

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🏃 2-Step Collective

Sport: Running
Based in: Jamaica Street, Liverpool

Liverpool-based 2-Step Collective is a group working to make running more accessible and inclusive in the North. Whilst they are not limited to creatives, they have previously collaborated with brands such as Reebok, and are ideal for any creatives in Liverpool who might find the idea of running a little daunting.

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🧗 Clmbxr

Sport: Climbing
Based in: East and South London

Having started out from a WhatsApp group, Clmbxr seeks to create a safe social space for Black and underrepresented members of the climbing community or those seeking to start out. With a monthly £10 membership, you gain discounted entry fees and shoe hire at a number of London-based climbing walls and access to the Clmbxr WhatsApp group. Open to those new to the sport as well as more experienced climbers.

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🏊 Swim Dem Crew

Sport: Swimming
Based in: London

Swim Dem Crew is a London swim club that seeks to foster an inclusive community, providing swimming lessons and opportunities to those historically marginalised at the pool. Whilst the club isn’t exclusively for creatives, it is run by writers Peigh Asante and Nathaniel Cole and regularly spotlights creative opportunities for its members.

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🏃 Ultra Black Running

Sport: Trail Running
Based in: London and Surrey

Ultra Black Running was set up to create a space for Black women and non-binary runners to enjoy trail running socially. They host fortnightly trail runs around London parks and further afield in Surrey.

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⚽️ Babe City FC

Sport: Football
Based in: Hackney, London

Babe City FC is a grassroots football club for women and non-binary people in the UK film and TV industry founded by cinematographer Molly Manning-Walker. They play in the Goalposts League, a five-a-side league focused on collaboration and community, and are sponsored by Panavision.

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🏊 Mamma Swim

Sport: Swimming
Based in: London

Mamma Swim is a swimming community that supports mothers in boosting their mental and physical health. They host two swims a week, one with babies and one without – you can easily join their Facebook group to get involved. Whilst not specifically for creatives, the community was founded by Abigail Sutton, former projects director at Dazed and now studio project manager at creative studio GentleForces.

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⚽️ Soho Warriors FC

Sport: Running
Based in: Soho, London

Formed in 2010, Soho Warriors FC are the first creative football club in England. The team are made up of illustrators, designers, writers models and directors who meet every Tuesday morning and Friday night. They’ve held events with Adidas in the past and also launched a creative agency.

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🏃 Queer Running Club

Sport: Running
Based in: Hackney, London

Founded by England Athletics-certified coach Kole Fulmine, Queer Running Club is an inclusive club based in Hackney that is dedicated to creating a safe space for LGTBQ+ runners. They are a feel-good crew with an emphasised focus on community building. You pay £5 for each session which includes a warm-up and cool-down exercise.

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⚽️ Whippets FC

Sport: Running
Based in: Hackney, London

Whippets FC is a women’s football squad consisting of a number of talented and notable creatives across London, including The XX‘s Romy Madley Croft, creative director Sarah-Jayne Todd, artist-designer Coco Capitán and many more.

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⚽️ The Outrunners

Sport: Running
Based in: Hackney, London

The Outrunners are a charitable organisation seeking to build the confidence and skillset of young people in East London, through youth sessions, career sessions and social mentoring. As well as this, they run an adult’s running club. Whilst not exclusively for creatives, they often collaborate with artists and designers for their merchandise and have connections to the industry.

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Written by Creative Lives in Progress