Posted 03 March 2022

A selection of resources in support of the people of Ukraine

Alongside our sister company It’s Nice That, we’ve pulled together a selection of resources shared by our team and community, from sales and donation sites to information and fundraisers in support of the people of Ukraine.

Exactly a week ago, news broke of Russia’s invasion of neighbouring country, Ukraine. Since then, the world has played witness to immense suffering and heartbreak. While countless Ukrainians have attempted to flee the country and their homes – with many struggling to cross the border – others have remained, watching as their country falls around them. And as the situation develops, it in turn highlights the inequalities continually faced by those from marginalised communities.

Needless to say, we stand wholeheartedly with all people of Ukraine and those affected by these unthinkable acts. As we see many in the creative and wider community use their platforms to take action and drive donations, here we are sharing a growing list of supportive resources to get behind – created together with our sister company It’s Nice That.

From insights and essential information to petitions and fundraising initiatives, this bank of resources will grow as we come across more helpful initiatives. If you have any additional suggestions, please do get in touch at [email protected].

Charities, donations and collection points

Unicef is working to scale up humanitarian delivery in the east and expanding across Ukraine as needed

Red Cross donations are used to reach people in urgent need from providing food and first aid to supporting hospitals, educating people on the risks of explosives and helping to repair homes

UNFPA is helping pregnant women and newborns in Ukraine

OutRight Action International is collecting donations for organisations inside and outside Ukraine who are supporting LGBTIQ people in search of shelter, safety and security

Sunflower of Peace is providing medical and humanitarian aid to be used by the paramedics and doctors in the areas that are affected by the violence in Ukraine

The Voices of Children Foundation supports children with the psychological consequences of war

Donation and collection points
Ukrainian London
has listed a range of collection points in London for humanitarian and medical aid items, from Holland Park to Hounslow

White Eagle Club (South West London) is collecting donations of clothes, bedding, medication, toiletries, sanitary products and other essentials

Biblioteka (Peckham, London) has set up a humanitarian aid Donation centre for Ukraine in its library space. They are looking to gather life-saving medication, first aid, medical consumable and equipment. The items needed are listed in this spreadsheet

North London Collection Centre is collecting a range of donations from blankets and clothing to antiseptic wipes and paper towels


Choose Love: Ukraine Crisis Fundaraier is supporting projects providing vital aid and services, from emergency medical care and shelter to support for the LGBTQIA+ community and mental health support

WithUkraine: Global Support Fund consolidates efforts of major international and Ukrainian charities to ensure funds are quickly applied towards the most urgent needs. Funds are distributed amongst a wide range of reputable international and Ukrainian charities as well as official humanitarian funds.

Project C.U.R.E. fundraiser to support hospitals in Ukraine⁠ is supporting Ukrainian hospitals with modern medical equipment and supplies

Warm Hugs Only, a Ukrainian knitwear brand, is raising money to support people in their community⁠

Collected resources and information

Real ways you can help Ukraine as a foreigner (Comprehensive and crowdsourced resources with official funds, requests and materials)

How can you help the people of Ukraine from abroad? (via The Guardian)

Index of resources for Ukraine (via Patrick Thomas)

How you can help Ukraine (via Mayor of London)

Trans people are stranded and alone in Ukraine following Russia’s invasion (via Vice)

How to support marginalised people in Ukraine (via Trippin)

A literary guide to understanding Ukraine, past and present (via Electric Literature)

Free-to-use bank of images of the war of the war to tackle disinformation in Russia, and raise awareness worldwide (via Ukraine-based content platform, Depositphotos)

Twitter thread on how to spot fake or misleading information on social media

Petitions to sign

Support for those fleeing Ukraine

Creative responses, sales and auctions

Photographer JJ Lorenzo is selling photographic prints of Ukraine, with all profits going to British Red Cross, Sunflower of Peace, United Help Ukraine and Voices of Children

Matt Willey is selling all-caps typeface, LT2 Stencil
throughout March, with 100% of profits going to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees Ukraine Emergency

Matt Willey has also created this unisex T-shirt, screenprinted by Know It All Prints in Brooklyn with 100% of the profits being donated to the UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees)

Studio Proba and Stephanie Chefas Projects are auctioning off a painting
with all proceeds going towards Save the Children and UAnimals

Aysha Tengiz is donating all proceeds from print sales this week to Choose Love’s Ukraine crisis fundraiser

Painter Michael Wall has launched a fundraiser
where you can buy a virtual lottery ticket to win two hand-painted artworks, with all profits going to Save Life, Ukraine

Artist Matt Murphy is auctioning off a painting
, with all money going to International Rescue Committee to support emergency needs in Ukraine

Sarah Boris (together with Harvey Lloyd Screens and G . F Smith) has created a screenprint with all proceeds going to UNICEF Ukraine

Nice and Serious
have created a series of posters for sale, with all proceeds going to the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal, which the government is currently matching funding. All artworks are printed on FSC certified paper using solvent-free, water-based ink and the poster tubes are reusable and recyclable.

Creatives For Ukraine is an open platform encouraging the global creative community to share photographs, images, illustrations and art to “give a face” to the war

Accept & Proceed are selling their Light Calendar print archive with 100% of the proceeds going to the Kyiv Independent, a news site publishing trusted and critical information about facts on the ground from Ukraine

Movie streaming service Minute Shorts are hosting an evening of spoken word poetry, six curated shorts and a panel talk, with all ticket proceeds going to charity, United Help Ukraine

Free online therapy sessions

It’s Complicated are offering free, online counselling for any person directly affected by the war in Ukraine. You will receive therapy sessions (usually 45-50 minutes) free of charge.

Open letters to sign

Creative callouts

Callout for dialogue-free films for kids and parents waiting in line on the Ukrainian-Polish border (via Weronika Jurkiewicz and Bianca Lucas)

List of Ukranian illustrators to commission (via Olga Protasova)

Ellie at Guts Gallery is looking for help from anyone representing UK institutions to give references to Ukrainian and Russian artists fleeing their home country and trying to get a talent visa. Contact [email protected] if you want to help, or know of artists who need help.

Written by Creative Lives in Progress