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Zendesk is a service-first CRM [customer relationship management] company that builds support, sales and engagement software to foster better customer relationships.

From large enterprises to startups, it believes that powerful, innovative customer experiences should be within reach for every company, no matter the size or ambition. Operating across hundreds of industries in over 30 languages, its services are used by over 160,000 people.

Zendesk is headquartered in San Francisco with offices worldwide in Montreal, Singapore, Melbourne, London, Copenhagen, Dublin, Montpellier, Krakow, Bangalore, Berlin, Madison, Manila, Mexico City, New York, Paris, São Paulo and Tokyo.


San Francisco

Additional locations

17 locations globally



Company Size


Office Hours

9am–5pm, with flexibility



Key Departments

Product Design, Brand, Design and Research Operations, Sales, Marketing, Customer Advocacy, Finance, Engineering, Product Management, HR

Jobs and Opportunities

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Zendesk’s services are used by companies including Etsy, Tesco and Deliveroo

Inside the Company

Zendesk was created by three friends who saw a need for support software that could enable organisations to focus on their customers – rather than technological processes. The company started in a loft in Copenhagen in 2007 and today it has more than 4,000 employees.

The design department is made up of product design, brand and design operations teams. Within product design, there are product designers, design systems product designers, UX researchers and content designers. Within brand, there are brand designers, motion designers, audio designers, photographers, videographers, presentation designers, event experience designers, interior designers and copywriters.

Then within design operations, there are people who oversee programmes within design and business ops, UX research ops, brand production, product design production, data asset management, executive assistance and design community.

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Inside the Zendesk San Fransisco workspace

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Mission and Values

As a customer-support company, Zendesk’s founding ethos is all about being helpful – from building software to working with customers

In terms of brand, its philosophy is to be beautifully simple. It aspires to be ‘humblident’ (humble and confident), distilled, charming and real in its work.

The products it makes and the industries it serves are technical and complex, so it’s essential that its work is simple and clear. The team believes that writing, visual style, design, videos – essentially everything – must work together to deliver a straightforward, meaningful message.

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The Zendesk team work hard to build an inclusive culture

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Culture and Benefits

Zendesk is people-focused and works hard to build a culture where everyone belongs. The company prioritises balance and wellbeing, and knows that people need room for family, friends and themselves to be at their best.

It also offers continued professional development and growth opportunities. Employees are encouraged to attend conferences and take courses to develop their skills. In addition, every employee gets access to The Lab, a personalised tool to help connect them with training and resources.

Zendesk supports its team to give back by being active in their neighbourhoods and amplifying the work that happens locally. There’s a strong culture of lending a hand, and employees are proud to participate in volunteer initiatives.

Zendesk employees are encouraged to attend conferences and take courses to develop their skills

Entry-Level Opportunities

Zendesk values people at all stages of their career. For entry-level talent, the company hires interns within various teams annually.

Interns are often paired with a mentor throughout the duration of their internship to support career development. All interns also get to work on projects that have an impact on business.