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Zag is a consultancy that uses creativity and innovation to help businesses grow.

It was born inside advertising agency BBH in 2008 to invent new businesses from scratch. Now it combines that entrepreneurial DNA together with big, bold brand creation, disruptive growth strategy and financial venture investment.

Its clients are made up of the world’s biggest brands, including Yamaha Music, Facebook and Audi, alongside new category disruptors and brilliant minds still baking their businesses.

The consultancy also has a portfolio of 24 startups (including pet-sitting, online music learning, photobooks and 3D drone imaging) that it supports creatively and strategically, as an investor and partner.





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Inside the Company

Zag’s tight team of around 20 people covers design, strategy, venturing and delivery. Each team member works across a range of clients, from global rebrands to helping the founders of ventures shape their stories, products and brands.

Collaboration and building diverse teams are key to solving client challenges, so alongside the core of ‘Zaggers’, the consultancy draws on a network of industry experts. This can include specialists ranging from entrepreneurs to experience designers, who are known as associates.

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Mission and Values

The company mission is to design business breakthroughs. This means creating work that is courageous, ambitious and commercially effective for its clients.

Success relies on a combination of design, strategy and venturing experience. Zag also knows that the speed and uncertainty of the business world demands continual learning and evolution in its way of working.

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Working Culture

In terms of the team, Zag is not big on hierarchy. Everyone is required to play an important role on projects and take ownership of the work.

Team members get the most from working at Zag by being curious and proactive. They are expected to prepare, present and contribute in team and client sessions on a regular basis.

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Entry-Level Opportunities

As part of Zag’s internship programme, interns are given a mentor from the design team, but also have opportunities to meet other team members, to find out about about their different skills, backgrounds and passions. They are aligned to at least one venture project, meaning they are able to meet and work closely with Zag colleagues and the founder team.

In addition, interns are invited to support internal initiatives, such as events and the inspiration platform, to find and share ideas from unexpected places. In this way, they help shape the opportunity for the next intern.