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Voice is an NFT (non-fungible token) platform that is carbon neutral, easy to use and multi-chain compatible.

Voice believes NFT technology will change the internet by introducing verified ownership to our digital world. It is building a way for creators and communities to be rewarded for their engagement – the way it believes it should be.


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Marking, Partnerships, Product, Engineering

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Inside the Company

Voice was born in 2020 as a spin-off from parent company, Block.One. It built an NFT marketplace where visitors can buy and sell with credit cards on a carbon neutral platform. Voice is steadfast in its mission to allow creators to directly monetise their work. It does so using blockchain and crypto technologies.

Employees are clustered in Brooklyn, New York and Blacksburg, Virginia, as well as around the United States. This diverse work experience means it is the perfect company to build the NFT platform of the future.

Creative lives in progress voice inside

All hands on deck in the office

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Some of the team at an event

Mission and Values

The mission is simple. It’s to empower creators from all walks of life with best-in-class, accessible tools to build NFT-based communities that generate economic value.

In a more tangible, digital future – made possible by verified digital ownership – creators and communities will grow. These communities will not be like today’s communities. They will feature much deeper engagement, autonomy and shared value. It’s a future where creators will truly be able to find their thousand true fans.

Culture and Benefits

Above all, the Voice team is collaborative and passionate. They share a common vision and are all excited to bring it to life.

Despite being remote, employees at Voice take the time to get to know one another through virtual experiences and quarterly physical gatherings. Every employee’s voice is heard and everyone has access to the CEO – who loves to whiteboard and brainstorm as much as the rest of the team.

The Voice team

Entry-Level Opportunities

Voice is committed to bringing the next generation of leaders along on its rocket ship. It looks for raw talent and passion to work alongside its staff.

Many of the team members have grown and developed into higher roles within the company since its launch.