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Sunhouse Creative

Sunhouse Creative is a strategic, creative brand design agency.

It specialises in developing brands for global companies as well as smaller purpose-driven businesses.

Some of its global clients include Magnum Ice Cream, Peroni, Dove, Danone, and Like Meat, and smaller local businesses such as the Boston Tea Party Cafes.

It develops their brand’s identities, look and feel, and creates all their packaging and printed visual communications.





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9am–5:30pm (WFH available on Mondays and Fridays)


Creative Brand Design

Key Departments

Creative, Artwork, Client Services, Finance, Operations

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Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress work Work For Good

Identity for Work for Good

Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress work Twister

Branding work for Twister

Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress work Timotei

Branding work for Timotei

Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress work Qnola

Identity for Qnola

Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress work Magnum

Branding work for Magnum

Inside the Company

Founded in 2008, the company started in a small attic in the Wiltshire countryside but has now developed to a team of 38 in a beautiful open-plan studio space in the heart of Bath.

When it originally launched the aim was to create a positive, inclusive and fun environment as a catalyst to nurture great creative ideas and beautiful design – and the team still lives by that today.

It is a fast-paced studio, with some amazing global clients, and year on year as its creative output gets stronger – so do the creative opportunities.

The company is made up of a design team, an artwork team, an accounts team, and an operations team.

Sunhouse creativelivesinprogress inside

The team hard at work in their Bath office

Mission and Values

Sunhouse is a positively different brand design agency. It believes in people before egos, creativity before wealth, partners before clients, and a smile before work.

The journey is as important as the destination so Sunhouse has carved out its own instinctive, unique, and sunny way of working.

It is consistently developing stronger, more positive partnerships and pushing to produce its best work.

Sunhousecreative creativelivesinprogress culture Sunhouse Tom

Talks and events are regularly held at Sunhouse

Culture and Benefits

Big egos are not supported in the workplace, and in day-to-day projects Sunhouse believes everyone should have a voice whatever their level of experience.

Sunhouse is built on a culture of doers, people with ability and discipline who are trusted to do their jobs. That ability breeds a confidence to challenge partners, challenge the brief, and challenge each other.

There's always time for some play at Sunhouse

Entry-Level Opportunities

Internships for both creative and client service roles are available at any given time during the year.

The studio prefers to have one person at a time in each role so that it can offer the richest experience.

One of the talented senior designers, Rachel Brown, manages the internship programme and she arranges for various key senior people to take turns in mentoring.

Sunhouse accepts direct applications.

It also sends our senior designers, design directors, and creative director to university portfolio reviews, and takes part in Werkhouse.

The team has had great success with internships: three people in the past three years have joined them for permanent roles.