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Scriberia combines consultancy with creativity to help clients communicate their vision.

Working with the likes of Salesforce and the University of Oxford, the company creates images with purpose; cutting through clutter and confusion to offer clarity.

What began as a live scribing agency, quickly evolved into a multi-service visual thinking agency, where pictures – be it vision maps, animations, illustrations, infographics or murals – do the hard work.


London, with the option to work remotely



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Consultancy, Illustration, Animation

Key Departments

Studio, Animation, Live Events, Finance, Account Management, Marketing, Administration

Jobs and Opportunities

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Creative lives in progress scriberia header

Live scribing at Scriberia

Creative lives in progress scriberia work Scriberia remote scribing

Remote scribing at Scriberia

Creative lives in progress scriberia work Scriberia live scribing retail expo

Live scribing as part of a retail expo

Inside the Company

After initially meeting as freelance scribes, Dan Porter and Chris Wilson founded Scriberia in 2009 in London.

Passionate advocates for the power of visual thinking, they’ve since grown a company, community, and loyal roster of clients based on the philosophy that great pictures make hard work easier.

Located in the heart of Kings Cross, today, Scriberia is made up of three creative teams (studio illustration, live events and animation) along with teams in marketing, finance and administration. It’s also home to the Scriberia Academy which delivers visual thinking training.

Creative lives in progress scriberia workplace Northdown frontage

The Scriberia offices

Creative lives in progress scriberia work Scriberia visual thinking workshop

Collaboration is at the heart of Scriberia

Creative lives in progress scriberia work Scriberia diversity in the worlplace sketchnote

Diversity in the workplace is important at Scriberia

Mission and Values

Designed to foster creative collaboration, Scriberia keeps innovation at the core of their creative endeavours.

Much like the clean, lean pictures the company is best known for, as a company, Scriberia aims to be smart, efficient, playful – and hugely valuable.

Creative lives in progress scriberia workplace Scriberia vis team

Putting pen to screen at Scriberia

Creative lives in progress scriberia workplace Scriberia Fiona rostrum

Team members at Scriberia are given the perfect space and lighting to create magic

Culture and Benefits

Scriberia believes company culture should celebrate creativity, collaboration and learning.

The company’s internal culture committee produces a varied programme of activities including Lunch and Learn lectures, book clubs, lunchtime classes and after-hours socials.

Scriberia places great emphasis on staff wellbeing and development. In addition to private healthcare, the company offers a peer-to-peer mentoring programme, with opportunities to share skills and celebrate all the work that happens around the studio.

Creative lives in progress scriberia culture

The team found ways of connecting and having fun while working from home

Entry-Level Opportunities

Developing, supporting and retaining young creative talent is important to Scriberia.

With the recent boom in digital scribing for online meetings and conferences, Scriberia now offers a more formal development programme for new scribes.

You'll find more information about Scriberia's programme for new scribes, as well as other vacancies, here.