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Marks and Spencer runs an in-house, agency-style creative studio specialising in innovative content creation. The studio’s work includes everything from seasonal campaigns to smaller one-off creative projects, with style at the heart.





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Creative, Copy, Production, Photography

Jobs and Opportunities

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Inside the Company

M&S is a leading British retailer working to bring quality and great value food, clothing and homeware to millions of customers around the world.

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Inside the M&S workspace

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Mission and Values

The company’s core objective is to craft and deliver the very best style-led content.

Culture and Benefits

M&S prides itself on its inventive products, environmental solutions and ethical business, but as a company, it is always striving to do more.

With an aim to revolutionise retail M&S looks to design greener, sleeker and more creative experiences for the digital age. For M&S, there is an infinite value for its team in learning through the creative process.

M&S encourages its team to learn through the creative process

Entry-Level Opportunities

M&S offers entry-level mentoring and portfolio assistance for individual candidates with some of its senior creatives. Candidates gain invaluable insights and understanding in the form of personal and professional creative solutions.

M&S wants to encourage the next generation of creative thinkers to be the disruptive force that inspires change. In return, it pledges to show aspiring creatives how to go from student to world-class professional.