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Describing itself as a design-first social platform, KnownUnknown is reinventing the traditional creative agency model by bringing together designers from across the world to create a global network.

KnownUnknown provides its designers with mentoring and coaching, as well opportunities to host collaborations, share their insights, attend talks and experience professional growth. The community and network-based model promotes camaraderie while upholding and redefining the craft and value of design.


Atlanta, Georgia, USA



Office Hours

24 hours



Jobs and Opportunities

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Work for Ford Motor Company, by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

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Work for General Mills, Nature Valley, by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

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Examples of work by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

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Examples of work by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

Inside the Company

KnownUnknown was founded by James Sommerville as a platform not an agency. His 35 years of design experience – including co-founding ATTIK, serving as a high-ranking executive at The Coca-Cola Company and working alongside numerous brand and business owners – make him well-equipped to deliver unique perspectives on the future of the creative model that is based on collaboration and learning.

Work for Coca-Cola, by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

Mission and Values

The company’s core aim is to create the most connected global network of creatives on the planet. Its purpose is to support, advise, share and discover new ways of working, both as professionals and collectively.

Work for HP, by KnownUnknown’s community of designers

Culture and Benefits

The benefits of being part of the KnownUnknown design community include access to the global network of fellow creatives, receiving coaching and mentoring, the chance to share your experience and learnings, and the ability to attend talks.

An example of a member post within the KnownUnknown social platform

Entry-Level Opportunities

As a network and community-based creative agency, KnownUnknown doesn’t believe in discriminating according to age or experience. When seeking new designers to work with, the key for KnownUnknown is talent. Essentially, the company wants to work with talented designers who will bring a unique perspective to the work they do. Collaboration might take the form of a client brief, or an invite to one of Known Unknown’s speaker sessions, Clubhouse room or a design sprint with other designers.