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IDEO is a global design and innovation company committed to creating positive impact through human-centered design.

The company collaborates with clients to tackle complex challenges, ranging from addressing climate change and building new ventures to helping organisations be more creatively competitive.



Additional locations

North America (Cambridge, Chicago, Palo Alto, San Francisco)
Europe (Munich)
Asia (Shanghai and Tokyo)



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Office Hours

9am-6pm (Flexible)


Design Consultancy

Key Departments

Design Research, Communication Design, Interaction Design, Software Design, Data Science, Industrial and Product Design, Business Design, Organisation Design, Environments Design, Circular Design, Programme Management, Strategic Operations, Talent and HR, Employee Experience, Business Development, Marketing, Finance, IT, Coordination

Jobs and Opportunities

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Creative lives in progress IDEO work Building the foundation to catalyze change Edited

Packaging designed by H&M Group and IDEO, which saved an estimated 1,300 tons of single-use plastic in 2021

Creative lives in progress IDEO work IDEO Innova School Entrance Chimbote Intercorp

One of more than 80 Innova schools in Central and South America, designed by IDEO to provide international quality education at an affordable price

Creative lives in progress IDEO work IDEO Lufthansa Service Prototype

Updating Lufthansa’s long-haul business class service involved building a 1:1 model of an Airbus A380

Inside the Company

With roots dating back to 1978 in Palo Alto, California, IDEO was officially born in 1991. Today, the company’s studio and project spaces span North America, Europe and Asia.

Working across a range of skills and specialisms, the team is made up of designers, builders, entrepreneurs, engineers, data and behavioural scientists, teachers, researchers and other specialists.

There is a non-profit arm of IDEO called IDEO.org which designs products and services alongside organisations that are committed to creating a more just and inclusive world. IDEO is also part of kyu, a collective of strategically curated creative organisations.

Creative lives in process ideo insidecompany

The team at IDEO always make room for moments of humour and lightness

Mission and Values

IDEO knows that its advantage lies in the overlap between its team’s skills and lived experiences. With this in mind, the company looks to find, support, keep and nurture team members, while inspiring and enabling them to do their best work.

Underpinning this is a set of values that are central to IDEO’s culture and work – from being optimistic and collaborative to embracing ambiguity and learning from failure.

Diversity is important to IDEO, in particular the goal of advancing diversity, equity and inclusion within its organisation.

Creative lives in process ideo mission

All new hires receive the Little Book of IDEO on their first day, which captures the company’s history and values

Culture and Benefits

Impact is as important as ever at IDEO. It wants to be inclusive of both people and the planet, while having fun in the process.

Play is core to IDEO’s culture. There are creative making sessions every week, as well as inspirational lunches where the team gets to hear from a range of interesting people with varying beliefs and interests.

Employees also get access to a laptop, phone, pension, a learning and development budget, holiday insurance, eye care, healthcare, dental care, cycle scheme, wellness budget and income protection.

Creative lives in progress IDEO culture IDEO Magnificent Machines Munich 01 2018

Inside the IDEO offices

Creative lives in progress IDEO culture IDEO Herbal House Studio London 02 2018

IDEO is a human-centered company that makes room for furry friends

Creative lives in progress IDEO culture IDEO Herbal House Opening London 23 2018

The London studio mirrors the qualities of the city: curious, worldly and optimistic

Entry-Level Opportunities

There is a whole raft of initiatives designed to help new team members settle in. Newcomers are matched with mentors to help them navigate not only their careers, but IDEO as a company – both from a content and cultural point of view.

Those working at the European arm of IDEO can expect to attend weekly meetings with discipline-specific cohorts – an opportunity to catch up, share inspiration and work on specific projects. Depending on the project, it is expected that most people will work in multidisciplinary teams across both London and Munich.