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With over 400 million assets made up of editorial, creative, archival and custom content, Getty Images is one of the world’s leading and trusted content providers.

For more than 25 years, Getty Images has helped creative, business, and media customers to define moments and shift perceptions using powerful visual content. Everything they do is focused on making it easy for their customers to find the perfect image or video – one that completes their story, simplifies the complex, and makes a connection.



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Calgary, Chicago, Dubai, Dublin, Istanbul, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Singapore, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Tokyo



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Creative, Editorial, Finance, HR, Legal, Marketing, Product, Sales, Technology

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Christopher Furlong/Getty Images News

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Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

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Samir Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment

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tunart/E+ – Getty Images creative imagery

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Wahyu Noviansyah/EyEm – Getty Images creative imagery

Inside the Company

Founded by Mark Getty and Jonathan Klein in 1995, Getty Images now serves customers in almost every country in the world, bringing the world’s best content to media outlets, advertising agencies, corporations, and direct to consumers as well.

It’s a company that has always embraced disruption and change, transforming a fragmented, analogue stock photo business into a multi-billion-dollar, global e-commerce industry leader and trusted brand.

It was the first company to license imagery via the web, subsequently moving the entire industry online, and has been a core driver in continuing to move the industry forward.

Today, Getty Images works with over 340,000 contributors and hundreds of image partners to provide comprehensive coverage of more than 160,000 news, sport and entertainment events each year, impactful creative imagery to communicate any commercial concept, and the world’s deepest digital archive of historic photography.

Getty images workspace creativelivesinprogres 002

Inside the Getty Images headquarters

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The Getty Images window graphics at night

Mission and Values

Getty Images’ focus is to provide authentic visuals that represent diversity of thought, background, and perspective to allow their customers to achieve their goals and make an impact.

They are committed to being a great place to work, one where different experiences and backgrounds are respected and where everyone comes together to produce amazing imagery, support the company’s customers, and impact the world.

Central to this is a company-wide commitment to being transparent, kind, and inclusive of different voices and perspectives.

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Team events at Getty Images

Culture and Benefits

At Getty Images, employees, contributors, and imagery reflect the diversity of their customers and markets around the globe. The company culture enables individuals to come to work as themselves, be treated with respect and be given equal opportunities, ensuring their perspectives and experiences are included in decision making.

Getty images creativelivesinprogress culture 003

Team events at Getty Images

Getty images creativelivesinprogress culture 001

Inside the Getty Images Christmas party

Getty images creativelivesinprogress culture 002

Team events at Getty Images

Entry-Level Opportunities

Getty Images thrives on providing students with a number of opportunities to complement their formal education, with practical career experience in areas such as creative research, photography, editorial, entertainment, legal, data, and digital marketing. These informal programmes are an extension of a student’s learning and are designed to expose students to different skills and aspects of the business.

Internally, the Getty Images Connected Mentorship program also provides a fantastic opportunity for new talent to learn and benefit from the advice of industry professionals from within the business.