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Engine prides itself on being a diverse community of creative and strategic thinkers, makers and inventors. A group of natural-born collaborators who love new challenges, Engine help organisations thrive in an ever-changing brand landscape.

The agency has recruited the most diverse air force yet for the RAF and has tripled blood donations with its ‘Missing Type’ campaign for NHS Blood and Transplant.

Engine has also managed to pivot businesses and campaigns during lockdown, working with brands such as MoneySuperMarket, Santander and Jägermeister. It is also the agency behind Cazoo, which became the UK’s fastest ever Unicorn.


London and Manchester

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Europe, Asia Pacific, USA



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Marketing, Advertising

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Experience and Innovation, Content, Social, Influencer, Integrated Advertising

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Engine work creative lives in progress 01

Work for Anchor: Butter the food, butter the mood

Engine work creative lives in progress 02

Work for Jagermeister: Be the Meister

Engine work creative lives in progress 03

Work for Born Free: Creature Discomforts

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Work for Cazoo

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Work for MoneySuperMarket: Money Calm Bull

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Work for Kiyan Prince: Long Live the Prince

Inside the Company

Based in central London on Great Portland Street, Engine is the UK’s largest independent marketing agency. Today, the company partners with forward-thinking businesses to create new and disruptive ways of growing.

Engine has existed in various guises since the late 70s, starting out as the well-regarded agency WCRS, which steered the campaign, “The future’s bright, the future’s Orange”. The agency transitioned through mergers and acquisitions until it became a group of 13 agencies of diverse talents.

The decision was then made to restructure in 2018 under the Engine brand, made up of three client-facing pillars – creative, communications and transformation – and a fourth central pillar.

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Inside the Engine office space

Engine workplace creative lives in progress 02

Inside the Engine office space

Engine workplace creative lives in progress 03

Inside the Engine office space

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Inside the Engine office space

Mission and Values

Engine considers itself a people-focused business. Although modern in its approach to marketing, the agency is traditional when it comes to its values and looking after its people.

The agency strives to be effective and efficient; working quickly to keep itself lean, lightweight and agile. Engine has always believed that the best outcomes are delivered by small, focused teams. It combines the scale of the UK’s largest independent agency with the agility of a start-up. The company’s layers of management are also minimised, which means that clients only pay for what they need.

The agency houses multiple disciplines and skills under one roof. It is comprised of 800 creative, communications, media and consulting experts, making it a one-stop shop for diverse teams, all geared towards helping its clients to grow.

Engine culture creative lives in progress 02

Engine combines the might of a large-scale agency with the agility of a start-up

Engine culture creative lives in progress 01

Engine believes that small, focused teams make for the best outcomes

Engine culture creative lives in progress 03

The various skills and disciplines within Engine‘s teams make the agency efficient and effective

Culture and Benefits

Engine believes in a culture of inclusivity without categories or constraints. The company celebrates difference and believes that diversity makes its work more meaningful and relevant, and its people more empowered.

The company recognises that everyone’s story is different, and it celebrates difference. At Engine, there is an active RD&I strategy driven by its executive team covering gender and gender identity, age, ethnicity, disability, neurodiversity, sexual orientation, religion and socio-economic background.

The agency builds strong connections through clubs, groups and networks which are open to all. They also maintain a strong learning culture, with mentor schemes and an online learning platform for knowledge sharing and continuous development.

Engine offers mentoring opportunities with its experienced creatives

Entry-Level Opportunities

Engine is passionate about developing junior talent from all backgrounds. There are many opportunities for junior talent, including a Creative Placement scheme offering a three-month placement to four junior creative teams annually. The agency is also committed to the Placement Poverty Pledge, ensuring interns are fairly remunerated for their hard work and contributions.

Engine also supports junior talent by providing mentoring opportunities with experienced team members, as well as supporting talent from underrepresented backgrounds. As a company, it is continually building new initiatives for championing young diverse talent in order to impact the future of advertising.