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Craft is a design and brand recruitment company that exists to grow design businesses, and help creative people build their careers.

The ambition is simple: to enhance the studios, careers, and lives of everybody it partners with.

Across the globe, it works with world-class agencies and design studios of all sizes.

Quite simply, the service consists of partnering with clients to grow their business.

By being the eyes and ears in the marketplace, it finds the right people; those hard-to-find, cream-of-the-crop, incredibly talented people.

With an eagle-eye view of an industry where the only constant is change, the consultancy service solves challenges for clients now, with an eye on the future.

You want the best people on your team. Craft knows where to find them.



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London, New York, Leeds, Amsterdam



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Brand Design and Strategy

Key Departments

Recruitment Specialists, Brand Strategy, Design, Client Services.

Jobs and Opportunities

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Creative lives in progress craft team

The Craft team

Inside the Company

Founded in 2014, Craft had a simple mission; to partner with the best of the best.

Always focused on the design industry, it positioned itself as a partner to the creative scene, looking to enhance it through individual careers and studio growth.

Over the past 9 years, it has remained independent, and grown to a team of twenty.

This has allowed them to carve out a niche for each consultant, with teams split geographically and individuals focused on design, strategy, and client services recruitment.

Many of the consultants come from a design background; this knowledge and interest make them better at their jobs and keep them on their creative toes.

Whilst fiercely ambitious – standards remain high, which means their team plans to grow through quality, not just quantity.

Creative lives in progress craft inside the company

Smiles all round at Craft HQ

Mission and Values

Craft aspires to become the number one brand design recruitment agency in the world.

It believes clarity is key, and that life is complex so seeks clarity at all times, from asking the big questions to simplifying its comms.

The team wants to grow together and are generous with their time, both internally and externally. Success is shared, and they focus on the long-term rather than quick fixes.

Craft thrives on challenges – meaning it gets to the heart of the brief as deeper understanding equals more rewarding work.

And finally, they remain constantly curious.

Creative lives in progress craft mission and values

There's always a comfortable nook to work in

Culture and Benefits

Craft cares about providing opportunities to grow and is committed to designing a business that allows people to develop, learn, and reach their full potential.

The regular All Agency Days bring together everyone in the business by using different creative venues to update, inspire, and host social events.

Everybody at Craft has the opportunity to work a four-day week, with people using that extra day however they need -– many chill out, play golf, learn photography, or read.

The ‘work from anywhere’ policy sees people mainly working from home across the world, but when the Leeds and Manchester teams asked for an office to spend time together, Craft signed up for some killer workplaces in the city centres.

Alternatively, Craft will pay for a co-working space if preferred.

The monthly book club focuses on brand and design literature, plus books to inspire in other ways.

Quarterly incentives, such as team trips abroad, skiing, and away days, plus significant investment in training are no-brainers for Crafit.

Naturally, the team needs the best tech to keep up too, so everybody gets a MacBook and anything else they need to fulfil their potential.

Some of the Craft team

Entry-Level Opportunities

Junior talent is welcomed, and many people on the team have joined straight out of university.

The Craft business is structured for clear career growth and individual development.

Realistically, juniors need greater investment to learn so Craft pays attention to that.

There is a set process for onboarding new people, which is then tailored to their passions, goals, and strengths.

Transparency around pay, benefits, line management structure, and business operations means you’re never ‘in the dark’ at any level.

Craft is passionate that nobody feels out of their depth, but encouraged and given the tools to grow.

Current Opportunities
Junior Motion Designer

Craft Agency, Leeds

Type: Full-Time Job
Location: Yorkshire and the Humber
Account Executive

Craft Agency, Leeds

Type: Full-Time Job
Location: Yorkshire and the Humber
Junior Motion Designer

Craft Agency, Leeds

Type: Full-Time Job
Location: Yorkshire and the Humber
Junior Brand Designer

Craft Agency, Bristol

Type: Full-Time Job
Location: South West
Junior Motion Graphics Designer

Craft Agency, Newcastle

Type: Full-Time Job
Location: North East