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Builders Club

Builders Club is a creative production company for film, 3D motion, stills and interactive storytelling. The team works with top brands such as Nike, Adidas and MAC Cosmetics, and pride themselves on creating high-end, original content.

Alongside brands, agencies, production companies and cultural institutions, the company creates meaningful work with a team of like-minded individuals. Its goal is to redefine the way a production company, creative agency and animation studio operates.



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Creative Production

Key Departments

Direction, Production, 3D Art, Creative, Marketing/PR

Jobs and Opportunities

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Builders club lecture in progress Adidas ZX 1

Work for Adidas

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Work for Nike

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Work for Adidas

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Work for Rimowa

Inside the Company

Builders Club was founded by Jonas Hegi and Julien Simshauser in 2015, with Jonas coming from a photography and directing background, and Julien from a CGI background.

Fusing these two worlds has resulted in a new approach to executing an idea – one that goes beyond the constraints of a specific medium, solving problems and telling stories with the aim of challenging the perception of the audience.

Over the past few years, the company has grown to a full-time workforce of 15 employees including producers, creatives, CG artists, directors and art directors, and a marketing and sales person.

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Inside the Builders Club workspace

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Mission and Values

A key mission of Builders Club is to produce forward-thinking and innovative moving-image work for brands, entertainment and culture. The team embraces new technologies, authenticity, diversity and sustainability and strives to create fresh, never-seen-before content and push boundaries.

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Builders Club prioritises a friendly atmosphere

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Culture and Benefits

A big emphasis is placed on the internal company community for the Builders Club team. Day-to-day, working in an open space offers an incredible opportunity to share ideas with talented industry professionals in a friendly atmosphere.

Team happiness is an important part of the culture, and striking the right balance between working hard and play is essential. Team drinks and food together in the studio or around East London are a regular part of that.

Whether socialising for birthdays, the end of the week or a particularly rainy Tuesday, the team prioritises maintaining their relationships with one another, especially during busy projects.

In the studio with the Builders Club team

Entry-Level Opportunities

The team’s junior members are supported throughout projects with mentoring by more senior members of staff. While they don’t currently take on interns, they are always keen to hear from talented junior artists and designers.

Builders Club founders Julien and Jonas have given lectures and spoken at conferences about their creative process and experiences starting out in the industry. Plus, the team often take time to meet with junior talent to give constructive critique on their work, and share knowledge and advice on working in the industry.