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Anomaly – the name is the idea behind the company.

Anomaly has been mission-driven since its start in 2004; clear on who it wanted to be, what it wanted to believe in, and what it is driven to deliver each day. Anomaly was created to be a change agent for an industry desperately clinging to legacy models and outdated ways of thinking.

With a seamlessly connected team of over 800 people, Anomaly has seven offices including London, Berlin, New York, Shanghai and Los Angeles.



Additional Locations

New York, LA, Shanghai, Toronto



Company Size

99+ 200 (London), 60 (Berlin)

Office Hours



Creative, Advertising

Key Departments

Creative, Design, Strategy, Account Management, Production, Project Management

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Inside the Company

Lots of agencies say they are different. But when you really look, very little sets them apart.

Since the beginning, Anomaly has been defined by three foundational pillars, one of which is rooted in the power of strategy. The team’s deep foundations in business, cultural, consumer and brand strategy are all underpinned by data, research and insights. Combined with a progressive approach to communications strategy, this ultimately leads to game-changing work for clients.

Critical to the way it runs, the team at Anomaly is also made up of varying skillsets that would normally be scattered between several different agencies.

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Inside the office

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Mission and Values

Driven by a sense of purpose and strong values, Anomaly’s mission is “to be the acknowledged change agent of the communications industry” – which means never accepting the industry’s status quo.

It means breaking down silos; focusing on the business challenge and recommending what it thinks is the best answer – not just the answer that suits a narrow set of skills (like a traditional advertising agency, where of course, the answer is always ads!)

Culture and Benefits

With a strong, values-led culture, Anomaly continually invests in its people, especially as the team are now working in a more hybrid way – taking care to better understand and improve digital connection. The company does this through various methods.

To increase and encourage shared knowledge across the team, Anomaly’s “Training Curriculum” platform includes personal development courses, a speaker series and leadership Q&As. Not to mention a content series entirely by, and featuring, Anomaly staff. This is all in service of keeping skills sharp, minds open and most importantly – maintaining the culture and connection that defines the company, its people and what makes Anomaly special.

The company also has Anomaly House, designed as a complement to official healthcare providers that enables the team to embrace wellbeing and community through fitness, mindfulness, social clubs and therapy.

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Some of the Anomaly team

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Entry-Level Opportunities

Talent is a global priority at Anomaly. It believes that greater racial, gender and socio-economic diversity isn’t just a social imperative, but a commercial one too. It makes the company more competitive, more creative and a much more compelling place to work.

Anomaly is completely committed to driving greater equity within the company. Junior employees are offered internal mentoring, access to a bespoke training platform, external courses, third-party training and learning and committee opportunities.

The company also partners with various organisations and platforms that enable Anomaly to share its knowledge and expertise, while building networks and meeting emerging talent.

Current Opportunities
Internship (Design, Account Management, Strategy or Creative)

Anomaly, Berlin

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Location: Berlin