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Pay-what-you-can course to gain the skills to lead a self-led career.
Led By Self

Opportunity closes: 13th Jun 2023
Type: Course
Based: Virtual
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: ledbyself.com
Instagram: @ledbyself

Led By Self is an action-based, online course that gives you the skills, tools, and mindset to take control of your time, problem-solve and make good decisions so you can find work, stay proactive and learn how to lead a self-led career.

This course is right for you if:

  • You have a part, or all of your, week free to manage.
  • You’ve been hesitating or struggling to take that step toward your dream job.
  • You’re unclear on how your knowledge or skills link to jobs or careers.
  • You want to create a career path that doesn’t exist yet.
  • Or, you’re new to freelancing and want more control over your work life.

Course structure

Split into 2 parts, the course is action-based, meaning we have reduced the amount you need to read and instead focused on exercises (around 48 to be specific) that will see you take action, create, set up and build your way to being self-led.

Part 1: The Catapult

Hone your workspace, habits, and mindset so you’re ready to fly.

You will:

  • Give your working day a productive shape.
  • Use Trello (a digital tool) to organise and achieve your tasks.
  • Build and maintain respect for your personal time.
  • Increase your focus and motivation.
  • Use time-based techniques to make good decisions.

Part 2: The Fire

Light a fire under you and put in place ways to keep moving forward.

You will:

  • Build a happy and useful relationship with deadlines.
  • Use techniques to encourage and trick yourself into getting things done.
  • Make yourself accountable to others, systems, and yourself.
  • Put in place a process to improve your skills and outcomes, every fortnight.

How To Apply

Start today at 👉 www.ledbyself.com 👈