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Online Workshop: The Exhibition Process
Moray Art Centre

Opportunity closes: 2nd Nov 2023
Type: Workshop
Based: Scotland

Website: morayartcentre.org
Instagram: @morayartcentre

2nd November 2023 6pm -7pm

Mary Bourne

Learn from the local Moray based established artist, Mary Bourne about the exhibition process. Everything from what is needed to approach a gallery to, to preparing your artwork and documents to allow a seamless exhibition process. Learn how the curation of work can change as the site of an exhibition changes and how the creative output from a community based project is formed and how a project goes from an idea, to engagement to output.

Mary Bourne is a Visual artist based in rural Scotland.Her work, predominantly in carved natural stone, reflects on man’s relationship with his environment and on themes of subjectivity, the passage of time and change. Mary alongside artist Lynne Strachan formed the project Cabrach reconnections.

This project’s aim was to find ways for people to reconnect with each other through arts activities and to get out and enjoy the stunning scenery and wildlife in the area, reconnecting with nature in the Cabrach... At the same time, this exhibition of artwork developed in response to what the artists have learned will promote The Cabrach further afield and encourage people to come and enjoy it.

Mary has also exhibited widely in Britain and abroad. She has received a number of prizes and awards including the Meyer Oppenheim Award (1997) and Ireland Alloys Award (1996), both from the Royal Scottish Academy. Internationally, she has been an invited participant at symposia in America and Japan.

How To Apply

Apply and book through our website: https://www.morayartcentre.org/emerging-creatives-hub