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Working With

Opportunity closes: 14 Apr 2024
Type: Mentoring
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: laramonro.com
Instagram: @workingwith___

🚨Are you keen to secure Funding to support your Creative Practice?

🚨Do you identify as Neurodivergent? If so, you are eligible to request support from an Access Support Worker to assist with the development and submission of your funding application...

Get in touch with Lara Monro about the upcoming Arts Council England, Develop Your Creative Practice Grant!

The DYCP Grant is open to Creative Practitioners in the UK looking to develop their ideas, work, projects, etc. Individuals and Collectives can request up to £12,000 to carry out a project that lasts up to 1 year.

🔹 The next DYCP Round will open on 12 March

🔹 The next DYCP Deadline is at Midday on 11 April

🔹Neurodivergent Creative Practitioners can apply for Access Support: a FREE service whereby a support worker can assist in the development and submission of the application.

Over the last 10 years, Bid Writer and Access Support Worker, Lara Monro, has worked within the arts and culture sectors for commercial and non-commercial arts organisations and galleries including; White Cube, Open Space and Work Show Grow. She has worked with creative practitioners as a studio, and project manager and through her freelance journalism and role as Editor at Large (UK/Europe) for Autre.

Lara is also an affiliate mentor with Ceri Hand and the Creative Mentor Network.

Drawing on her diverse experience, she created the platform Working With to support creative practitioners, arts & cultural organisations, communities and collectives to overcome financial barriers and creative blocks, turn ideas into projects and much more.

Working With offers clients two strands of funding support:

1) Access Support: a service paid for by public & private arts organisations and charities in England, Scotland & Wales including Arts Council England, Creative Scotland and Jerwood Arts, to break down barriers for those with access needs.

As a support worker, Lara can:
🔹 Develop and refine project ideas to turn them into fundable applications
🔹Write, review upload and submit applications
🔹Provide expertise and knowledge around the specific funding bodies' requirements including Arts Council England’s Let’s Create Strategy
🔹Help process the application questions and forms
🔹Note-take and interpret ideas to write up answers
🔹Signpost to other resources
🔹Reach out to the funding body on the applicant’s behalf

2) Bid Writing: an independent service for Neurotypical individuals, collectives and organisations where she provides her expertise to achieve funding goals and strategic aims.

Lara has written applications for every genre of art: from novelists and creative well-being practitioners to those working in opera, theatre, puppetry, international dance, photography, painting, and poetry. She regularly consults not-for-profit organisations that support underrepresented individuals on how to engage their communities with creative opportunities. As a result of her Bid Writing skills, she understands the varied and often sensitive nuances of the diverse communities she works with, especially those needing representation due to social, economic or neurodiverse challenges. Lara has supported over 150 Creative Practitioners to secure funding and develop projects and has currently raised over £300K in Arts & Culture Funds for her clients.

How To Apply

If you would like to get in touch to discuss how Lara can support you in developing and submitting a funding application please contact her via: [email protected].