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How To Nail The Interview In All Its Forms
Journo Resources

Event Date: 12 Mar 2024
Type: Event
Based: Virtual

Website: journoresources.org.uk
Instagram: @journoresources

Interviews are the foundation of all good journalism — but who among us hasn't frozen slightly before picking up the phone, or wondered how the hell you're going to get something meaningful out of just a few minutes? Or maybe you've struggled with interviewees who don't want to chat themselves, or PRs who want to control the conversation?

In this new workshop from senior journalist Hannah Shewan Stevens, we'll look at how to master the art of the interview in all its forms.

We'll cover:

  • Adapting To The Interviewee: Learn how to vary your approach depending on who you're talking to. For example, talking to figures of authority, members of the public telling sensitive and personal stories, or getting past a PR to the person of interest.
  • Phrasing The Perfect Question: Ask questions that inspire thought, show care and preparation, and banish one-word answers. You'll also learn how to adapt on the spot in real-time interviews.
  • Techniques For Time-Limited Interviews: Looking at how to establish rapport, gain trust, and explore multiple angles while running against the clock.
  • Translate Your Skills Between Platforms: Know how to make the best of a situation when in-person and phone chats aren't an option. We'll cover written questions, voice note interviews, and more.

As with all our events, there will also be the chance to ask your own questions both live and in advance.

Meet The Speaker:

Hannah Shewan Stevens is a freelance journalist and editor specialising in covering travel, health, disability, sex, and relationships. Hannah has travelled all over Asia, Europe, and the Americas as a disabled digital nomad.

Starting as a journalist in a small, independent press agency, Hannah produced media packages consisting of short-form documentaries, feature articles, and a full set of images for publication all over the world. These media packages appeared on platforms like BBC Three, Snapchat, Facebook Watch, The Mirror, Huffington Post, and more.

After a short stint as a Deputy Editor of Real Life Features at a major press agency, Hannah transitioned into freelancing. Since then, she has created digital workshops for charities and students, managed press relations for various charities, hosted podcasts, and produced features for global publications. She thrives on interviewing people and empowering people to take charge of their stories.

How To Apply

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SPONSORED/FREE PLACES: As ever, we reserve free spaces for people for whom cost is a barrier. No questions asked. Please message [email protected] as soon as possible if this applies to you and you would like to attend this event.