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JKR Sparks Academy: 12-Week Paid Programme
Jones Knowles Ritchie

Opportunity closes: 20th May 2022
Type: Full Time Job
Based: London
Salary: London Living Wage

Website: jkrsparksacademy.com
Instagram: @jkrglobal

This is a scheme for people with no formal qualifications.

Calling all bright sparks.
We need your brilliance.

Breaking into the creative industry can feel like knocking on closed doors. And honestly, sometimes it's hard to even know where to start knocking.

That's why we're here. Sparks is a new way into the industry.

An open academy built to help you find a foothold in the creative business, by introducing you to all the parts, practices and people that make it great.

We know brilliance can come from any background, so we're not looking for finished articles. We just want inquisitive minds. People who are curious about what this industry can offer them. And are willing to take a chance to find out.

So if you've ever even considered a career in the world of creativity, Sparks is for you.

What exactly am I signing up for?

Sparks is a 12-week course made to sharpen your skills and open new opportunities in the industry.

This isn't a standard internship. We'll be keeping you busy from day one with live briefs, specialist training and collaborative projects.

How To Apply

To apply for JKR’s Sparks Academy visit: https://www.jkrsparksacademy.com/

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