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UP THE ANTE: Creative Career Masterclass
Kei Maye of Creative Champs

Opportunity closes: 30th Jun 2022
Type: Event
Based: London

Website: eventbrite.co.uk
Instagram: @creative.champs

Not all artists have emerged by 30.

Many creators enter creative disciplines at later stages in life, others find it difficult to break ground due to lack of support, connections, finance and a myriad of other issues.

Either way, ageism is rife within creative industries; leaving a lot of creators feeling left out of the mix and frozen out of creative programs or opportunities they could really benefit from.

Up The Ante is an IRL Session designed to help emerging creators aged 25 and up build confidence, develop creative careers and bump up the value - without all the added stress.

A supportive space, surrounded by other emerging creators in older age brackets who are also frozen out of many age capped opportunities and programs.

This is perfect for you if:

  • You’re trying to ‘break ground’ in the creative industry after years of juggling day jobs and life itself - and need some insight as to what next steps to take.
  • You’re finding it incredibly difficult to get the support you need to really push forward so you feel as though things are at a standstill.
  • You want to learn how to bump up the value you’re providing to clients, charge a bit more and make enough to sustain on a full-time basis but you’re lacking the confidence to follow through all the way.
  • You always feel like you’re ‘too old to be in the room’ at creative industry events and this has had a knock-on effect on your confidence and/or motivation to even continue - you want some support from people in a similar position to you.

What you’ll learn:

  • How to set a project rate at a basic level (fun math that works!)
  • All about pitching, how to approach pitching and alternative methods (for any shy and/or anxious creators.)
  • How to garner trust, build up the value in your offerings and form genuine connections in the process.
  • How to carve out next steps in your creative paths and head on in your journeys feeling informed and confident.
  • Ways to help restore any lost faith you have in yourselves and your craft (you’re dope and I’m gonna do my best to help you realise this.)


**7:00 - 7:05** Set up (sorting out wedgies and possibly giving directions to people who can’t find the place.)

**7:05 - 8:00** Class (I’ve tried to make it as fun & value-packed as possible, I hate boring slideshows just as much as you do 😅)

**8:00 - 8:20** Q & A

**8:20 - 8:30** Wrap up


Kei Maye is a Creative Consultant, curator of creative learning programmes & the founder of the educational platform and membership space - Creative Champs.

Kei has over 17 years experience within the creative industry across a number of disciplines including: Freelancing, Licensing, Art Product Production & Consulting.

Creative Champs is here to encourage, equip and support a nation of creative change-makers aged 25 & up through classes, resources, collaboration & 1-1 support.

How To Apply

Head over to the link and grab a ticket to save your spot, looking forward to seeing you there!