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How to Eat a Doughnut
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Opportunity closes: 7th Dec 2022
Type: Open Call
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: deveron-projects.com
Instagram: @deveronprojects

Open Call for Artists: How to Eat a Doughnut Residency in South Africa

Host Partner: Forgotten Angle Theatre Company

: Ebhudlweni Art Center, Mpumelanga, South Africa

: 1 February - 27 March 2023

We are inviting an artist to take part on a collaborative residency, joining artists, performers, designers in South Africa, co-creating work that will be presented at My Body My Space festival in South Africa.
Artist Fee: £3400 (All travel and production costs are covered)
Deadline for expressions of interest: Wednesday 7 December 2022, 12pm GMT

Deveron Projects (UK) in partnership with The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC, South Africa), funded through the British Council’s New Narratives programme, invites UK-based artists with UK and African/African Diasporic heritage to submit a note of interest for 8 weeks’ residency at FATC’s Ebhudlweni Art Centre in rural Mpumalanga, South Africa. The residency will support the artist to participate in FATC’s project, How to Eat a Doughnut.

How to Eat a Doughnut tackles the intimidating topic of climate breakdown through a social justice lens, inspired by Kate Raworth’s framework for Doughnut Economics. Bringing together a group of artists aged 18-35 with dual cultural heritage from South Africa and the UK at the Ebhudlweni Art Centre, the project aims to create space for peer-to-peer exchange, learning across and in-between lived experiences and identities. Contemplating provocative ideas: “Whodunnit?!” “Whose Problem is it?!”, “North vs South affect” through a variety of creative & performance arts approaches, the group will work together to create an interactive performance, youth focused workshop series and ‘game’, with the support of the project facilitators.

The final outcomes will draw from the group’s personal experiences, debate and research emerging from the residency period. The performance, workshop series and ‘game’ will be presented at 2023 My Body My Space Public Arts Festival in Mpumalanga, made available online and shared through FATC and Deveron Projects’ networks.

The residency takes place between 1 February – 27 March 2023, and is hosted by The Forgotten Angle Theatre Collaborative (FATC). FATC is a rurally-based organisation, occupying farm land around 300 km from Johannesburg. This project and residency is led by FATC- Deveron Projects will not be on site for the residency but will be supporting other aspects of the project.

How To Apply

Full information on the project and how to express interest is available online on our website and the How to Eat A Doughnut Open Call Info Pack.

If you have any questions, contact Deveron Projects' Director, Natalia Palombo: [email protected] / 01466 794 494.