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Creative Lab 5 Programme

Opportunity closes: 30th Apr 2023
Type: Fixed-Term Job
Based: London
Salary: max £300.00 per Day

Instagram: @Google UK

The Creative Lab 5 Programme
This year Google Creative Lab is inviting multidisciplinary creatives to apply for a paid gig (£300 per day) and collaboration up to 12 months at Google Creative Lab, London. As a Fiver you will work on projects big, small and first of their kind within Google. You will be paired with a mentor and work closely with other creatives. A Fiver is an essential part of Google Creative Lab and it’s the way a lot of our current leaders started.

Read more about the programme here.

What is Google Creative Lab?
A team of writers, designers, programmers, filmmakers, producers and business thinkers that spend 99.9% of our time making. We are a small team that pushes for an impact that outweighs our footprint. Our job is to help invent Google’s future and communicate Google’s innovations in ways that make it more useful for people.

Just a few Fiver projects:
Project Guideline: A Fiver helped develop this ML technology
Body Movement Language: A Fiver developed this experience
Access Mars: A Fiver designed this WebVR experience
Teachable Machine: Fivers helped design and code this AI experiment
Project Jacquard: A Fiver did the branding for this interactive jean jacket for Levi’s
Semi Conductor: A Fiver developed this experiment
Parisian Love: Fivers came up with this Super Bowl ad

What kind of work will I be doing?
Depends on the day. You will be deeply immersed in the Creative Lab and you will have the chance to work on things that matter, big and small. Initiative always counts. If you have a great idea, it will be heard.

What are the creative disciplines of a Fiver?
This year we are looking for multidisciplinary designers, copywriters, filmmakers and technologists. We love a wild card, though – if you would do cool, thoughtful work here, it doesn’t matter what your title is. If you are any of the above and have a portfolio of breakthrough ideas, share it with us.

Is this an internship?
No – it’s a paid programme and you get a chance to do real work on projects that impact Google and the world.

Where is it?
Usually, it would be full-time onsite at our London office in Covent Garden. However, until it’s safe, you can work remotely on GMT hours. If we return to the office during your tenure, you can continue to work remotely or join us in the London office.

When is it?
We will work with you to identify a start and end date that works with your schedule. Ideally the engagement will be 12 months, starting in early - mid summer 2023, along with your cohort of Fivers for the year.

Do I get paid?
Yes, via our staffing partner. You are paid hourly and eligible for overtime.

How To Apply

What are the requirements?
You must legally be able to work in the UK and you need an online portfolio. Some thoughts:

  • Ideas come first, but they need to be communicated well.
  • Demonstrate that you can go from the beginning of an idea to the end and not just make others ideas.
  • Show that you understand you craft and the ways you can adapt and experiment with it.

If you would like to apply for the 2023 programme, please send your portfolio via email to Janay ([email protected]) and include a short summary about yourself, your craft and why you would like to be part of Fiver programme.

For applications for the 2023 cohort, please apply by 11.59pm on April 30th, 2023.

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