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Exhibition Opening - Monosodium Glutamate

Opportunity closes: 13th Oct 2022
Type: Event
Based: London

Website: pocko.com
Instagram: @Pocko

We're delighted to announce Chino Moya's first solo show Monosodium Glutamate, opening on September 15th (Private Viewing 6 - 9pm) at our Pocko gallery in Dalston, East London.

From the Spanish multidisciplinary artist Chino Moya, this show explores the themes of loneliness, gender, & collapsing utopias at the fringes of urban life. The collection features portraits of tormented outsiders alongside small still lifes of mass-produced, symbolically pious objects.

Inspired by José de Ribera, the Baroque painter, who used vagrants as models for his religious paintings, Moya looked for white middle-aged men living in the fringes in London, Los Angeles and Madrid. Setting up these portraits in a modern environment, the body language that used to convey a mystical experience in classical paintings mutates into the appearance of neuroticism or disorder. It turns into the silent screams of a collection of anonymous, isolated men trapped in a mundane hell deprived of any kind of spirituality or community, a dystopian void where societal ideals are turned upside down.

How To Apply

Private Viewing 6 - 9pm, 15th Sept 2022

Address: 51a King Henry's Walk, N1 4NH

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