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Mentorship Programme 2022 - 2023 with DeObia Oparei
City Academy

Opportunity closes: 8th Jul 2022
Type: Competition
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: city-academy.com
Instagram: @cityacademyuk

The City Academy Mentorship Program with DeObia Oparei is a FREE opportunity to work with a Hollywood actor: a working artist, actor, writer and filmmaker from July 2022 for twelve months in a structured group setting. It's a chance to build your skills, create your future goals, network with like-minded individuals and be provided with creative feedback and accountability as you reach your milestones in the arts industry.

We have up to 20 places available to creatives over the age of 18 and the programme includes:

  • Once-a-month online mentoring sessions with DeObia to help develop your creative goals, projects and ideas.
  • £2000 worth of City Academy course credit per person
  • In-person talks and workshops
  • Free access to other CA Talks sessions
  • Involvement in filming projects or events led by DeObia and / or City Academy
  • Industry tips and knowledge on building an artistic career
  • Constructive feedback
  • Action points to help you combat hurdles
  • Help finding your voice and defining yourself as an artist
  • A community to provide a network of support as you pursue your goals

How To Apply

Please visit https://www.city-academy.com/news/city-academy-mentorship/ to apply on or by the 8th July

A short self-tape per person plus examples of your creative work is required.