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Free Workshop: How to Increase Brand Awareness with Holiday Gift Guide Press
Wolf Craft - A la carte PR for creative businesses

Opportunity closes: 24th Aug 2021
Type: Workshop
Based: Virtual

Website: wolf-craft.com
Instagram: @go.wolf.craft

Holiday gift guides are unlike any other kind of product placement PR, because once a year, publications that typically don’t feature products or include shopping round-ups, like a fitness magazine, open their pages for product coverage. You can find holiday gift guides in niche titles you would normally not be able to work with. This vastly increases the amount of PR opportunities.

Here’s a great example- men’s magazines will basically never feature home goods, beauty products, textiles, jewelry, etc., except around the holidays. Last year Men’s Health published a guide called “The 55 Best Christmas Gifts Ideas for Her to Unwrap This Holiday Season”. That's 55 product placement opportunities for items they wouldn’t publish any other time of the year, and this wasn’t their only gift guide.

Publications that do feature products year-round, like Buzzfeed, for example, create literally dozens of gift guide round-ups during the holidays on everything from gifts for parents, for cocktail lovers, for twentysomethings, for plant parents, for people who love beauty products, for pet owners….and that’s just a start. A quick “holiday gift guide” search in your favorite publications will reveal many guides from years past.

If you sell products and you’re still wondering if holiday gift guides should really be a priority amongst the trillion other things you have to do in your business… our answer is yes, absolutely.

Plus, holiday gift guides are great if you are new to DIY PR. PR is hard, and it’s a lot of work. Between figuring out what story you want to tell and what outlets would actually tell it, it can feel really overwhelming and mysterious. That’s what’s so great about holiday gift guides. There’s a set formula and the editorial calendar is the same every year. It’s super straightforward product PR, a great way to get started.

Here's what you'll learn:
  • Why the holidays have 5x the amount of press opportunities

  • Why gift guides should be your media outreach priority if you sell products, hint- they're the most straightforward product PR

  • How much consumers spend around the holidays and how gift guide press can supercharge your end of year sales goals
  • When you should start pitching holiday gift guides editors so you don't miss out on this great media opportunity
  • 5 of my insider publicist tips so you're sure your product is ready for holiday gift guide outreach

About your host Nora Wolf

I’ve worked in PR my entire professional life and have been running my boutique public relations shop, Wolf PR, since 2011.

Because gift guides are such a stellar PR opportunity, every year Wolf PR sets out to get more gift guide features than the previous year. And if I’m humble bragging (or maybe just normal bragging?) I’ve gotten really good at pitching gift guides.

One year we got so many gift guide placements, one of our clients pulled their giftable products apart from their furniture line and started a whole new brand!

I was surprised to learn that most holiday gift guide advice available online was very surface level and didn’t go in-depth at all. That’s why I set out to make this very niche workshop to help makers, small businesses, in-house marketing and PR teams learn how to pitch holiday gift guides. And, yes it's very in-depth.

How To Apply

No application necessary to watch this free workshop. All you need to do is head over to the registration page and sign up!