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Mentoring Programme for Young Creatives
Creative Mentor Network

Opportunity closes: 22nd Jul 2021
Type: Mentoring
Based: London
Salary: Undisclosed

Website: creativementornetwork.org
Instagram: @creativementornetwork

We run programmes that offer mentoring for young people aged 16-25, from lower socio-economic backgrounds who are looking to get into the creative industries.

We define the creative industry as: advertising and marketing, fashion and textiles, music, film and TV, tech and digital, architecture and design, art and culture, journalism and broadcasting and publishing. We support young people into both creative and non-creative roles in the industry, as well as creative roles in other industries.

Mentoring will help you to grow your understanding of the creative industry careers landscape, build your network of professional contacts, expand your portfolio and develop skills that will help you succeed in the industry.

Make sure to find out more here to see if our Mentoring Programmes are right for you ahead of applying.

How To Apply

Our mission is to make the creative industries more socio-economically diverse and inclusive by supporting young people from low socio-economic backgrounds, as such we have eligibility criteria:

  • You must be aged between 16-25 and attend/ed a state or non-fee paying school.
  • Are or have been eligible for Free School Meals


  • When you were 14, was the primary household earner working in one of the below jobs?
  • Semi-routine manual and service occupations such as; postal worker, machine operative, security guard, caretaker, catering assistant, sales assistant.
  • Routine manual and service occupations such as; cleaner, packer, labourer, waiter/waitress, bar staff
  • Technical and craft occupations such as; motor mechanic, plumber, printer, electrician, gardener, train driver
  • Clerical and intermediate occupations such as; secretary, personal assistant, clerical worker, call centre agent, nursery nurse.
  • Long term unemployed